Best Big Data developers/Development Companies

Best Big data development companies

Are you in an intensive search of the best big data development consortiums to handle your ambitious project? We have accumulated a comprehensive list of successful firms that can succor your intended project efficiently. We have conscientiously studied and analyzed the top 30 big data development firms. Rinion promptly took several hundred data point scales from deftness, client reviews, and fair ratings. Accordingly, collate and cull the most authentic concerns to perceive the ideal content marketing company for your key project. We gratify boundless pride in justly ranking the content marketing firms.

Best Big data development companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 DataStax 650.389.6000 2010 Santa Clara, CA 10 – 49
2 ScienceSoft 214.306.6837 1989 Dallas, TX 50 – 249
3 Consagous Technologies 512.488.3568 2008 Austin, TX 50 – 249
4 Trianz 408.387.5800 2001 Santa Clara, CA 50 – 249
5 New Relic 877.643.8776 2008 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
6 Alation 650.410.7164 2012 Redwood City, CA 50 – 249
7 Oxagile 855.466.9244 2005 New York, NY 50 – 249
8 Itexus 302.907.9780 2014 Miami, FL 10 – 49
9 VISUAL BI SOLUTIONS 888.227.2794 2010 Plano, TX 10 – 49
10 Kavi Global 847.387.6760 2008 Barrington, IL 10 – 49
11 Tableau 206.633.3400 2003 Seattle, WA 50 – 249
12 Reltio 855.360.3282 2011 Redwood Shores, CA 50 – 249
13 cBEYONData 703.690.5730 2010 Lorton , VA 10 – 49
14 Juice analytics 571.482.7760 2004 Nashville, TN 10 – 49
15 Business Data Miners 339.222.6835 2009 Weston, MA 2 – 9
16 Tibco Software 866.240.0491 1985 Palo Alto, CA 50 – 249
17 DataLab USA 800.972.1430 1979 Germantown , MD 50 – 249
18 AmberLeaf 312.474.6120 2004 Chicago , IL 10 – 49
19 RapidOps, Inc 704.208.4338 2008 Charlotte, NC 50 – 249
20 Attunity 729.899.3000 1988 Burlington, MA 10 – 49
21 Altoros 650.265.2266 2001 Sunnyvale , CA 10 – 49
22 Analytica 202.470.4806 2009 Washington, DC 50 – 249
23 HatchWorks Technologies 404.267.1991 2016 Atlanta, GA 50 – 249
24 3Q Digital 650.539.4124 2008 San Mateo, CA 250 – 999
25 Softweb Solutions 866.345.7638 2006 Plano, TX 10 – 49
26 Unique Software Development LLC 855.976.4873 2012 Dallas, TX 50 – 249
27 Leale Solutions 561.600.0470 2007 Boca Raton, FL 10 – 49
28 Splunk 415.848.8400 2004 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
29 Global Infonet 904.724.8880 2001 Jacksonville, FL 10 – 49
30 Evgsoft 224.677.3191 2014 Chicago, IL 2 – 9

Important factors you should consider before choosing a Big data Development Companies

A collaborative framework is expected to process the big data and the shared results are obtained from the processing of huge data. Generally, the data sources are not limited to the buyers. Mostly the data are generated through the sources of multiple factors and the advancement results in the various techniques. At the same time, they are also capable of handling the variables by using the available computing resources.

Easier integration

The integration of a digital app along with information sources is a mandatory one in order to manage the data in a reliable manner.

Real-time analysis

Since a huge amount of data has to be collected, associated and analyzed, real-time analysis has to be processed.

Cost efficiency

Depending on your requirements, just pick the apt technology that suits your app in each and every phase.

Dealing with Uptime

The entire loading of the data should be processed without any disruption. In order to avoid any of conflict, an ETL layer is optimized.

Business intelligence tools

For complicated web-based reporting, these tools are used for data analyzing. The overall data surfacing challenges are handled in a better manner along with this tool.

Advanced analytics

For a better statistical analysis & modeling capabilities advancement in analytical methodologies must be processed.


An important factor is that any solution should have a reusability factor. The overall pattern along with the insight of data is used to deal with any kind of issue.

Error Notifications

The tools should be designed in such a manner that flaws should be identified in a shorter period and also take immediate action against faults.

Team of experts

An expert team consists of an experienced Business Analyst, developer, quality analyst who works for the best outcome of the project.

Pricing schemes

Each and every firm has a different pricing scheme so choose the best one which fits all your requirements.

Customer support

A support team should be available at any time to give a helping hand during critical situations and also to clear your doubts.

Exact location

Better know the firm’s exact location and its head office too so that you can make a visit whenever needed.


Their way of approach and attitude should be of a positive sense and not in any means of negativity.

Core services

Its core services of volume, velocity, value & variety where the overall processing should be done in a secured manner.

Desired Results

The result produced in the final session should be of measurable one without any hassles & complications.

Keen Reporting

The reports whatever analyzed in each and every phase should be of keen type i.e. it should contain all the necessary data.

Manpower resources

The team should be of well-defined one with techies, fresher along with team lead to process the project in a flexible manner.


The real-time conversation regarding the agreement in each and every level of work should of clear and virtuous too.


The originality of work should be reflected in almost all the phases so that flow will be followed from the initial stage to the final one.

Check for creditability

Examine for the right standards, tools & techniques in all the necessary elements and be sharp to note about it.

Inspect for quality

There should be of 100% quality do not compromise for this one in any situation since it plays a vital role.

Things to check while choosing Big Data Development Company

Data Privacy

In this trickier modern technological world, data privacy should be checked frequently. Do not compromise in this factor in a critical situation too.

Cost Effective

Depending on your needs and requirements, pick the aptest technology that fits each & everything. It should be cost-effective in a list of elements such as real-time decision & customer relationship management.

Advanced Analytical reporting

Usage of advanced tools such as SAS, SPSS provides a better data transformation and modeling capabilities too.


A reliable big data solution and its subjective algorithms are more than enough to scale up with the upcoming processes and modern technologies.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Typically AI algorithms are complex ones and it is challenged by processing tasks & a huge amount of information to be processed.

Five major challenges faced by Big Data Companies

Security Concerns

Generally, data has its origin from numerous resources; it has more and more security related issues. If any compromise is indulged, then a path is provided for the hackers to hack the data.

No proper understanding

Due to lack of knowledge subjected to big data, it raises to lists of issues. Without a proper understanding of big data, it automatically leads to failure.

Paying extra money

Since the framework is an open source, there is a great need for paying a huge amount for development, setup, and configuration including overall maintenance.

Synchronization Problem

The data replication originated from list of sources belonging to different rates, schedules get totally out of synchronization process.

Handing the Data

Handling of a huge amount of data is literally a difficult one to store, compute as well as to retrieve. It is the greatest challenge in each and every phase of the process.