Best BlockChain Developers/Development Companies

Blockchain Development Companies Rankings

Blockchain companies around the world are capitalizing on the boom in the market and marketing their services on the internet. Not all Blockchain companies are experienced and trustworthy enough to invest in the long-term and deliver quality Blockchain solutions. We have listed the Top-20 Blockchain companies in the world to help you find a reliable company. The factors we looked at while compiling this list are customer reviews, coding expertise, security, scalability, pricing plans, and experience in integrating with existing and older applications. Use our handy list of the best blockchain companies to select the best agency to grow your business.

Best BlockChain Development Companies Rankings

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Hyperlink InfoSystem 309.791.4105 2011 New York, NY 50 – 249
2 Intellectsoft 650.300.4335 2007 Palo Alto, CA 50 – 249
3 SoluLab Inc 646.513.4001 2013 New York, NY 10 – 49
4 Leewayhertz 877.801.8115 2007 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
5 Cyber Infrastructure Inc 408.757.0839 2003 New York, NY 250 – 999
6 MobiDev 888.380.0276 2009 Atlanta, GA 50 – 249
7 Intuz 650.451.1499 2006 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
8 Parangat Technologies 510.230.0860 2010 New Jersey , NJ 50 – 249
9 ArcTouch 415.944.2000 2008 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
10 Venture Aviator 310.424.1411 2011 New York, NY 10 – 49
11 Deqode 347.809.6804 2012 Wilmington , DE 50 – 249
12 Inn4Science 702.819.6363 2016 LAS VEGAS, NV 50 – 249
13 Velmie 650.353.7636 2007 Wilmington, DE 50 – 249
14 JatApp 415.993.1555 2010 Miami Beach, FL 10 – 49
15 iQlance Solutions 917.477.8991 2010 New York NY 50 – 249
16 Altoros 650.265.2266 2001 Sunnyvale, CA 10 – 49
17 Oxagile 855.466.9244 2005 New York NY 50 – 249
18 TechGropse Pvt. Ltd 813.6075.789 2015 Decatur, GA 50 – 249
19 Imaginovation 888.723.8643 2011 Raleigh, NC 50 – 249
20 Xicom Technologies 415.520.3551 2002 San Francisco , CA 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing BlockChain Development Companies

This technology has a greater potential platform where it provides financial services globally. Most of the industries are manipulated by big corporations.

Technologies Used

You should have a deep understanding of the technologies the company is using, and they must be proficient in Java, JavaScript, Python, and Perl.

Developer Profile

Research about the background and certifications held by the principal developers in the company to understand their strengths as a development team.


The company should have significant experience developing and deploying various types of Blockchain apps and products.

Pricing Model

Choose a company that is transparent about its pricing and provides various pricing options which are suitable for both short- and long-term contracts.

Dedicated Team

It’s always beneficial to have a dedicated team of developers working exclusively for your project as this improves quality and efficiency.

Understanding Requirements

The Blockchain company should gather information about your business model and needs to understand the specific requirements for your business.

IT Infrastructure

The Blockchain company should have a strong IT and support infrastructure to ensure that they can cater to any requirements.


Any product developed by the Blockchain company should be capable of scaling up in the future to accommodate more features and functionalities.

Programming Expertise

It is important that the Blockchain company has a team of well experienced programmers and developers who are versatile with several technologies.

Technical Support

You should have a strong support and maintenance team backing your product or app developed by the Blockchain app company.

Ask for Client references

Ask for references from the company and contact these references to gain a clear understanding of the company’s credibility on the market.

Development and Testing

The Blockchain development company should follow established App development models like Agile for development, QA, and final testing of the developed product.

Customer Reviews

Always check the ratings and reviews customers and the public has left about the company product and services online.

Cloud Deployment and Maintenance

Cloud deployment and maintenance is a crucial aspect of Blockchain and the company you choose should have a strong background in hosting and maintaining products on the cloud.

Security and Privacy

Blockchain involves monetary transactions and hence its important that the Blockchain company uses failsafe safety and security techniques to protect your data from breaches.

Quality Assurance & Testing

QA and Testing performed by the Blockchain company should be rigorous and should use the latest tools and technologies used in the industry.

Client Portfolio

A Blockchain company who has built solutions for large enterprises as well as startups is the best choice due to the range of their core experience.

Non- Disclosure Policy

Ensure that the Blockchain company is willing to sign an NDA which ensures that any proprietary information about your company is not shared with third-parties.

Performance Monitoring

The company diligently tracks the performance of the app after deployment to ensure that it is bug free and any complaints are addressed immediately.

Analytics and Reports

It’s important that the company shares a dashboard or sends you reports at regular intervals with data about usage and insights for the product developed.

Multi-platform Solutions

Check if the company has deployed educational apps on multiple platforms and maintains quality and consistency across these platforms.

How to choose the Best BlockChain Development Firm?

Check Contract

The contract should clearly state the services offered, refund policies, deliverables, timelines, and the pricing with transparency. It should also align closely with your requirements and business model.

Security and Support

Check and ensure that the company is committed to high levels of security, support, and encryption as Blockchain technologies need to be secure and are easily vulnerable to attacks and data breaches.

Audit their Capability

Compare various factors like skillsets, clients, infrastructure, ratings, and product quality to gauge an understanding of their capability as a service provider.


The Blockchain company should be able to seamlessly adapt and scale to accommodate growing customers and any additional security and functionality requirements that may arise.

Join Blockchain Communities

Join a Blockchain community and read the various posts and reviews about several Blockchain companies as this gives an honest picture about the strengths and credibility of a company.

Mistakes people make when hiring their BlockChain Development Firm

Choosing the wrong Software

Research and choose the company who use the best blockchain software/platform that aligns with your business needs as the wrong blockchain software will diminish returns and decrease productivity.

Rushing the Transition

Take your time to research the blockchain technology company and its long-term consequences and impact on your business before eagerly rushing into adopting this technology.

Attention to Flaws

Ensure that the blockchain company you choose have a robust testing and QA process in place and pay attention to any flaws and correct them during the development and testing phases.

Validating Technical Expertise

Conduct a thorough background check to validate the coding experience, technical expertise, and company background before committing to partnering with a blockchain development company.

Not reading NDA/Contract

Ensure that you read and understand any fine print like the NDA/contract which lists the terms and conditions and information about code ownership or other proprietary rights.