Best Cloud Computing companies

Best Cloud Computing Companies

Are you looking for an upright Cloud Computing Company? You are on the right track!! We have a list of Cloud Computing organizations to explore the right one subjected to your enterprise model. Our research team has done everything successfully related to analytical reports, testimonials and ratings. Each and every phase of the exclusive process is recorded and the keen results are recorded. Here, we have listed the top rated thirty Cloud Computing companies globally. Select the aptest one and examine the right provider for your project. We have earned good fame in listing the several Cloud Computing Companies.

Best Cloud Computing Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 42Q 408.964.3222 2018 San Jose, CA 50 – 249
2 Cyber Infrastructure Inc 408.757.0839 2003 San Francisco , CA 50 – 249
3 VMRacks 888.558.3645 1997 San Marcos, CA 10 – 49
4 FortressSecure 408.360.9960 2016 San Jose, CA 10 – 49
5 Ziggle Tech 646.722.2655 2015 New York, NY 50 – 249
6 Maven Wave Partners 312.878.4100 2008 Chicago, IL 50 – 249
7 Densify 905.731.0090 1999 New York, NY 50 – 249
8 MTM Technologies 866.383.2867 1986 Stamford, CT 10 – 49
9 Prakash Software Solutions 954.840.3575 2000 Coral Springs, FL 50 – 249
10 DemandBlue 949.259.2381 2018 Irvine , CA 50 – 249
11 Securonix 855.732.6649 2008 Los Angeles, CA 2-9
12 Digital Edge Ventures 800.714.5143 1996 Staten Island, NY 10 – 49
13 Coshx Labs 415.645.9400 2011 Charlottesville, VA 10 – 49
14 Binary Republik 678.960.8003 2008 Alpharetta, GA 50 – 249
15 Cube84 202.643.8384 2015 Arlington, VA 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing a Cloud Computing Company

Generally, the cloud computing companies operate along with a business model which is delivered in the form of reliable services. Yes, they should always deliver the absolute right level of service in both terms of the responsive manner. Tackling of the challenges is a great indeed and typically there are several contracts for the cloud computing services.


Make sure that the cloud company has infrastructure and the technical prowess to provide scalable solutions in the event of client and business growth.


Sign-up with a cloud provider who offers flexible pricing plans and allows you to scale your operations based on your IT requirements.

Easy Integration

The cloud company should provide easy and secure integration options to migrate your on-premise environment to the cloud.

Legal Compliance

Make sure that the company is compliant and well-versed with the various legal aspects surrounding storage of sensitive data on a cloud network.

Service Level Agreements

Ensure that the cloud service provider has clearly documented SLA’s for not only deployment but also for support and maintenance issues.

Product Training

The cloud service provider should have a well-developed and effective training program which familiarises users and administrators in using their cloud platform and services.

Research Prior Clients

Ask the provider to give your references or testimonials of previous clients to gauge the type of services provided and the overall client satisfaction levels.


Determine the steps and the protocols employed by the company to safeguard their cloud networks from attacks by hackers and viruses.

Platform Compatibility

It is important that your users are able to seamlessly access the cloud infrastructure using all existing desktop as well as mobile platforms at no additional cost.

Data Backup and Recovery

Ensure that the cloud service provider has secure and reliable infrastructure and tools for regular data backups and effortless recovery in case of data loss.

Try Before You Buy

It’s advantageous and helps you make a strong decision if the company offers a free trial of their cloud services before you commit to purchase a plan.

Customer Support

It’s absolutely critical that the cloud service provider have a dedicated and response customer support team to handle any such issues in a timely manner.

Multiple Delivery Models

The company should be able to offer flexibility in selecting a delivery model best suited for your business such as private, public or private cloud infrastructures.

Easy and Free Upgrades

The cloud service provider should commit to providing latest security patches and other software updates without any additional charges.

Certifications and Standards

Look for service providers who comply with recognized standards and high-quality frameworks as this will help you shortlist the potential choices.

Technologies Employed

Make sure the cloud service provider’s platform and preferred technologies align with your current environment and support your cloud deployment business goals.

Vendor Relationships

Understand the various working relationships and partnerships the service provider may have with other vendors in order to understand any service dependencies.

Storage Location

It is important to know the data storage location of the cloud service provider to determine if its secure and complies with local laws and any legal caveats.

Company Business Health

Financial health and stability of your cloud service provider is also a key factor to evaluate if they can offer quality services for long-term contracts.


Ask for past disaster recovery efforts and how any downtime in service infrastructure is effectively handled without disrupting any mission critical systems in the cloud.

Control over Cloud

The cloud service provider should provide remote access tools for proactive control of data, security, functionality and other processes in the cloud ecosystem.

5 Useful Tips for choosing a Cloud Computing Company

Check safety & security

The credibility of internet storage is measured by factors of safety & security. Hence the providers should regularly update their concerned protocols.

Read SLAs

These agreements provide a physical representation of safekeeping a client’s authorized data. In case of any unknown handling of information, this agreement helps you in all the ways.

Compare Prices

In the initial stage, compare different pricing schemes and choose the best one. There should not be any dilemma in this factor after starting the project.

Time for on-boarding

Once signing with the right cloud vendor, proceed on the sign in to the concerned dashboard and finally with a configuration of the account.

Pay-on-the-go Pricing

Since the different cloud structures have different pricing schemes, seek for the reliable services which provide pay-on-the go pricing.

General mistakes people do when choosing their cloud computing

Not knowing about lock-in

Most of them are not aware of lock-in; hence it is important to ask for queries before signing the agreement.

Not knowing data location

Here, typically the data is located in different places. Hence, the exact data location is not known, it is better to keep on comparing store including protocols governing it.

Not reading SLAs

Be attention to the terms & conditions in whatever agreement you sign because it may create an atrocity later on.

Underestimating Pricing

It is most important to give first priority for pricing factor; understand the different schemes available and suit the best one.

Not testing trials

Go ahead with the free trial or ask the provider requesting a demo before moving with the next step. Do not skip for asking trials at any cause.