Best Ecommerce SEO Companies

Best Ecommerce SEO Companies

Finally, after spending considerable amount of time and effort in analyzing and evaluating several hundred Ecommerce SEO companies, we bring you the narrowed down list of top 10 SEO companies in the world. This list would help you choose the right SEO company for your business.
Our measurement criteria include several data points that range from search engine optimization, the vendor’s transparency and communication, API capacity, expertise in current technology and customer service. We take utmost pride in Ecommerce SEO company rankings. It will be an instant help for you to choose the best SEO company from our list if you are looking for one, and it will shape the direction of your business in the right way.

Best Ecommerce SEO Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Raizlabs 617.383.9007 2003 Boston, MA 250 – 999
2 Parangat Technologies 751.111.2566 2010 London,UK 50 – 249
3 hedgehog lab 808.164.3883 2007 London,UK 50 – 249
4 Saffron Tech 315.642.4730 2008 Newark, NJ 50 – 249
5  Phase 2 405.698.3722 1998 Oklahoma City, OK 10 – 49
6 Cubix 866.978.2220 2008 Washington, DC 50 – 249
7 Hidden Brains InfoTech 323.908.3492 2003 Schaumburg, IL 50 – 249
8 Copper Mobile 972.528.6628 2010 Dallas, TX 10 – 49
9 Clearbridge Mobile 647.361.8401 2010 Toronto, Canada 10 – 49
10 Distillery 310.776.6234 2012 Santa Monica, CA 10 – 49
11 iTechArt Group 718.374.5043 2002 New York, NY 50 – 249
12 Tmob Tech Inc 650.924.7233 2009 Palo Alto, CA 10 – 49
13 Hashrocket 877.885.8846 2008 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
14 Clearly Innovative 202.408.7514 2009 Washington, DC 10 – 49
15 Apptunix 415.670.9326 2013 Austin, TX 50 – 249

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Ecommerce SEO Company

E-commerce SEO is also known as E-commerce Search Engine Optimization is used to optimize the searches made in the e-commerce platforms, this will help the business people to gain a lot of attention from others and also helps to reach their business and services to everyone in a simple and in a faster way.

Consistent Reporting

Time to time reporting is very essential to plan and execute long-term goals for a company. A good SEO company sends monthly, yearly trends and forecasts that would help you take decisions on several criteria that decides your future business and improvements for current business.

Plan and Procedures

Clearly understand the plans and process that a SEO company would follow to understand if they will suit your requirement and company’s policies. A clear process should be mutually established so that there is no disrupt in future.

Company reviews and Case Studies

Analyze the company’s previous performances with their client to have a picture on how the SEO firm operates and performs. It is ideal to gather case studies to have a brief and instant view on its statistics and reputation. Case studies are very helpful to analyze the various situations and solutions that the firm has handles.

Level of Understanding

This is most essential task in any business operation. Check the level of understanding the SEO company has on your requirements so that a plan can be well devised to impress your customers. Only when they understand in depth matters that you are looking for, they would be able to execute well.

Service Categories

There are various kinds of services that a SEO company delivers such as keyword optimization, analytics, key building strategies, customer service, rankings and so on. Knowing the range of services help you to evaluate the worth for your payment. You can also select the services that you would need.

Target Audience Needs

One of the very most important things is that your SEO company needs to understand your products and services, and what your audience are expecting from them. Based on that, their capability to fulfill them could be assessed. Thereby, the work can be planned to execute them.

Industry standards

Assessing the SEO firm’s technological advancement and whether their trends can match with the recent industry standards will help you to stand out in the competition and upgrade business processes to stay in trend.

Innovation and Creativity

These two are the deciding factors in choosing a SEO firm. Continuous process improvement and innovation are very important in market place. Creative and unique approaches to business and analysis help you derive accolades and reputation in the market.

Well Established

A firm that has been existed since years and is well established with reputative clients will help the firm to take decisions and implement actions beyond your expectations as they can put their best of experience in practice and run your business successfully.


Experience makes you a master. Analysts with good experience can predict and forecast possible conditions and be proactive in their actions. Also, skilled professionals can help you out beat your competitors than new entrees.


Being transparent in communication, process and reporting is very essential to maintain cordial relation with clients and audience. Maintaining transparency unless that is strictly confidential is vital to any business dealing. This lets you understand how things are operating and correcting if anything needed to avoid major consequences in future.


Its highly essential to consider about optimization before uploading any products to the site. We take care of key factors include descriptive and relevant naming, descriptive headers, using rich snippets, image attributes and optimizing title tags.

Expertise in Link Building

We have analysts who are highly skilled in creating visibility and transparency to your site by developing links as per guidelines. Our strategical programmatic approach develops the best quality links that avoids confusion and helps you reach required destination effectively.

Certified Standards

Its good if a SEO company adheres to the standards established by Google, Yahoo or other major giants. This ensures that you receive accurate analysis of your company’s progress. This gives you major scope to work on areas that require improvement and increase the profits of your business.

Communication and Process

A well established and effective communication is essential between company and client for smooth performance of business. There must be clear communication on reports, analytics, consultation by experts and process understandings to maintain cordial relation in the partnership.

Website Standards

The best and quick way to analyze a SEO company is to carefully observe and find the effectiveness of their own website. Several factors to be considered includes optimizing, keyword research, linking, analytics and user friendliness. This helps you get a picture on how your website would look from audience perspective.

Cost of Services

Budget is the ultimate deciding factor to be considered before finalizing the SEO firm. Compare with several competitors on the services they provide and the price they quote to evaluate the worth that you are paying for. Decide well on each penny you pay for the service to avoid regretting in future.

Market status

The market status of the SEO firm helps you understand several factors such as client reputation, their establishment standards, past performance reviews and such market related criteria. A company that has good market status helps you derive good audience base.

Maintenance and Privacy Policy

Maintenance is as important as development. Any issue that has been identified has to rectified immediately and maintained forever to become an error-free company. Privacy policy should strictly adhere to rules and conditions that are laid to maintain confidentiality and be an ethical company.

Social Media Know-How

Your presence and reputation on social media are very important as you all understand the role of social media impact on today’s society. Your SEO firm should understand it and know several ways on how it presents you on that platform.

Consultation satisfaction

When you talk to a SEO firm’s consultant, you should not compromise on any factor and be satisfied only when they completely understand and have capability in fulfilling each of your objectives and goals. This is very important for long-term relationship with the firm.

Things to note when choosing an SEO Agency for your Ecommerce website

Optimizing the Product

Its highly essential to consider about optimization before uploading any products to the site. We take care of key factors include descriptive and relevant naming, descriptive headers, using rich snippets, image attributes and optimizing title tags.

SEO Audit

Your current ranking is affected by various factors and we help you ready for a complete SEO audit that includes unique meta descriptions, page speed, non-duplicated information in your sites, fixing broken links, heading tags, URL structures, page speed and internal linking etc.,

Detailed Reporting

A monthly SEO report is very essential for your clients. We create an effective monthly report that includes a cover page, executive summary, analysis review, quarter to year trend view and forthcoming trends. This report helps maintain clients and empowers client relationship.

Keyword Research

We highly focus on keyword research since this is very extensive and an important factor that is never ending aspect for a SEO firm since the ecommerce firm’s high percentage of sales not just from high-volume keywords but also the related words.

Ecommerce Link Building

We have analysts who are highly skilled in creating visibility and transparency to your site by developing links as per guidelines. Our strategical programmatic approach develops the best quality links.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when hiring an SEO Agency for your Ecommerce website

Falling for Attractive Proposals

You should never fall for attractive presentations and proposals, and do thorough research and analysis before choosing the SEO company because it matters a lot for your business. You need to focus on several criteria such as process accomplishment as per goals, reporting and communication process, level of control on website, past client management recording, customization and so on.

Expecting Faster Results

If the SEO company that you are hiring guarantees faster rankings, it means the ranking and credibility doesn’t long last because the fact is optimization takes longer time, say around six months. It takes hard work and dedication to fetch reputation and credibility.

Choosing Unstable Company

This is one common mistake that you make while choosing a SEO firm. A company that is well-established and existed for several years in the industry would become the best choice as it has proven experience and record in delivering great results. Also, check for references to help you grow your business.

Looking for Low Cost

Remember that you get the quality of service based on what you pay. Though less setup cost seems attractive, you will end up in less long term profits. Expert service comes only at a competitive price but not at cheaper rates.


Being transparent is not just ethical, but essential for your business. It is important that you know your monthly reports and client relationship to establish and meet your long-term goals and profits.