Best Educational App Developers

Best Educational App Developers

S.No Company Name Phone Number Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Mindinventory 234.222.0166 2011 Middleburg Heights, OH 50 -249
2 Innofied 866.941.5117 2012 Sunnyvale, CA 50 -249
3 Excellent WebWorld 480.409.4504 2011 Phoenix, AR 50 -249
4 InnovationM 408.890.2155 2010 New Canaan,CT 50 -249
5 Brightec 127.362.5959 2006 Brighton BN 10 – 49
6 Rapidsoft Technologies 516.515.9871 2006 Jackson Heights, NY 50 -249
7 Guru Technolabs 323.503.2042 2011 Hollywood, CA 10 – 49
8 Endive Software 941.312.2199 2008 Minden,NV 50 -249
9 360 Degree Technosoft 917.310.0838 2010 Santa Clara, CA 10 – 49
10 BrainMobi 0120.410.2214 2015 Richmond, CA 50 -249

Important factors you should consider before choosing Educational App Development companies

Education is not anymore within four walls, it has grown to anytime and anywhere. Today the world has stepped into the educational era and education is not an exception from digitization. Even the kids are aware of handling a device. The smart phones, tablets, and iPad have become a play toy in the hands of the younger generation.

Impressive App Portfolio

Perform research on the web and the app stores to find out the number of educational apps the company has developed in the past.

Educational App Varieties

The company should have experience building educational apps that cater to various segments like pre-school, college, universities, and enterprise e-learning.

Multi-platform Solutions

Check if the company has deployed educational apps on multiple platforms and maintains quality and consistency across these platforms.

Interactive Educational Apps

Educational apps need to be interactive and engaging to hold the interest of the user and keep them coming back for more.


Check their previous apps to see the level of creativity and innovation demonstrated to make the app attractive and interesting.

Attractive UI/UX Design

An educational app should sport a visually engaging and intuitive UI/UX design to make it easier to use and interact.

Technical Expertise

Look for a company with strong technical expertise using the latest technology to build and deploy mobile applications.

Case Studies

Look for case studies shared on the company’s website to gauge the strength of the team in delivering successful projects.

Audio and Video Quality

Check the quality of audio and video artifacts used in their previous apps to determine the creative strength of the team.

Flexible Hiring

The company should allow you to hire their services for a time-period of your choice without forcing you for a long-term contract.

E-Learning Experts

The company should have vast experience with developing various types of e-learning content for diverse audiences.

Clear Cost Estimation

The company should be transparent about the pricing and the features that will be delivered with the app.

Robust Database

They should be capable of providing a strong and architecturally powerful content database which is necessary for an educational app.

Secure Profile Management

Users who create a profile to use your educational app should be protected against threats like hackers and data breaches.

Performance Analytics

The company should provide you regular analytics and reports on the performance of your app and usage trends.

Social Media Promotions

Social media platforms are an excellent place to promote your educational apps and the company should also include this service within your package.

Technical Support

Ensure that the contract for your educational app also includes dedicated technical support and maintenance to fix any bugs or issues in the app.

Ask for Client references

Ask for references from the company and contact these references to gain a clear understanding of the company’s credibility on the market.

Extensive Feature Support

Your educational app must have several features provided as part of the package like, push notifications, search functionality, login/sign-up and multi-platform support.

Design for Audience Age Group

Your app developer should have experience in developing educational app for several age groups ranging from pre-school to colleges and university students.

Development and Testing Methodology

Always choose companies who use established App development models like Agile for development, QA, and final testing of your educational app.

Essential things to know before approaching an Educational App Development company

Visually impressive designs

It’s essential that your app is visually attractive with the right aesthetics and designed based on the age of the target audience.

Integration and Connectivity

Your app should integrate easily with other learning systems, platforms and applications and should easily connect with other users to enhance the learning experience.

VR and AR Integration

VR and AR add a powerful and engaging visual dimension to a learning experience and your educational app should leverage these technologies as much as possible.

Selecting a Platform

Choose the right platform for your educational app (Android, iOS or Cross-platform) by surveying the preferences indicated by your target audience.

Gamify the Experience

Try and add as many gamification aspects into the app as this boosts engagement and makes the learning experience fun for adults and kids alike.

Tips to Choose your Best Educational Mobile App Development Agency

Outstanding UI/UX Designs

Visually appealing and easy to navigate UI/UX keeps users engaged and loyal to your app and should be a crucial factor to consider while selecting a company.

Evaluate Coding Standards

The coding standards, best practices, certifications, and development methodology used by the app development company is a good indicator to determine its calibre.

Customer Service

Responsive and professional customer service from the company is critical to ensure that any issues with billing, technical support, and hosting are quickly resolved.

Fixed Deadline

The company should commit strictly to project deadlines and deliver high-quality educational apps on time to ensure loss of revenue and maximise ROI.

Compare Pricing Models

Compare the different pricing models, payment terms, list of services covered in the plans and any other hidden fees before you finalize on a deal.