Best Enterprise App Development Companies


S.No Company Name Website Email id Phone Number Year Founded Location Employees Count
1 Konstant Infosolutions 888.866.0067 2003 Palo Alto, CA 50 – 249
2 Mutual Mobile 800.208.3563 2009 Austin, TX 50 – 249
3 Raizlabs 617.383.9007 2003 Boston, MA 250 – 999
4 ChromeInfo 408.457.0789 2010 Cerritos, CA 50 – 249
5 WillowTree 888.329.9875 2007 New York, NY 250 – 999
6 Intellectsoft 408.879.7338 2007 Palo Alto, CA 50 – 249
7 Dom & Tom 646.741.5049 2009 New York, NY 50 – 249
8 Sphinx Solutions 732.947.4310 2010 Dallas, TX 50 – 249
9 MentorMate 612.823.4000 2001 Minneapolis, MN 250 – 999
10 Fueled 800.962.4587 2008 New York, NY 50 – 249
11 Softeq 281.552.5000 1997 Houston, TX 50 – 249
12 AndPlus 508.425.7533 2009 Southborough, MA 10 – 49
13 Blue Label Labs 207.890.5983 2009 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
14 Master of Code 888.706.0528 2004 Redwood City, CA 50 – 249
15 Fingent Technologies 914.615.9170 2003 White Plains, NY 50 – 249
16 Design Center, Inc 651.699.6500 1969 Saint Paul, MN 10 – 49
17 Mobisoft Infotech 855.572.2777 2009 Houston, TX 50 – 249
18 Myriad Mobile 701.369.0633 2010 Fargo, ND 10 – 49
19 Impekable 650.733.6006 2012 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
20 Two Tall Totems 888.315.4476 2010 Vancouver, CA 10 – 49

In this fast-changing technological environment, mobile applications have become an important part of the businesses all over the world. It mainly targets the enterprise market since business apps have the capability to generate great revenue.  The most important part is that the developers have to respond to the needs of the clients and also deliver it in an efficient manner.

It is for sure the mobile apps will dominate the business world in the upcoming days. Initially, most of the business processes are involving in the mobile-first strategies and it also requires real-time responses which can be handled thoroughly with the aid of the mobile business apps. It is said to be that the tablets are the well-known task managers; a recent report exclaims that about seventy percent of the mobile workers are using the tablets.

Each and every app is deployed for the overall business process and also deployment takes place in order to get connected with the clients. There are several applications such as the Sales force is the best examples for the software being used in a reliable manner.

Generally, the enterprise software is used for the larger enterprises where the integrated programmes are needed badly. It also helps to manage various aspects in an efficient manner. This gigantic software is mainly used in various fields such as customer relationship management, business intelligence, Human Resource Management, and other business processes.

What is the position of app security?

Day by day the app security market is rising and also improving. An important fact is that security is one of the important concerns in enterprise app development. Each and every process for the security enterprise apps is been simplified too. On the other side of the flip, the real-time support has also been increased since there is a great demand for enterprise mobile apps. The mobile device management is in a great demand and also the enterprises have become a greater necessity in the enterprise ecosystem. The developers used to incorporate all the features in a single feature pack.

Developing of the enterprise apps development is a trending one. These apps are used in a list of ways such as internal communications, business development, and conference calls including decision-making tools. The presentation tools are also used in the Smart phones and also for the tablet devices.