Best Enterprise App Development Companies

Best Enterprise App Development Companies

We have curated a list of the Top 10 Enterprise App Development Companies after evaluating many sought-after features of an Enterprise application.
💛We have evaluated their reviews, cloud control, security, multi-platform support & reputation.
💛We help you to develop an enterprise app for your business that meets your business goals.
💛The app should improve the efficiency and output of your organization.
💛Find the best firm for your project, which will adequately meet your business needs & budget.

Top Enterprise App Development Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Konstant solutions 888.866.0067 2003 Palo Alto, CA 50 – 249
2 Mutual Mobile 800.208.3563 2009 Austin, TX 50 – 249
3 Raizlabs 617.383.9007 2003 Boston, MA 250 – 999
4 ChromeInfo 408.457.0789 2010 Cerritos, CA 50 – 249
5 WillowTree 888.329.9875 2007 New York, NY 250 – 999
6 Intellectsoft 408.879.7338 2007 Palo Alto, CA 50 – 249
7 Dom & Tom 646.741.5049 2009 New York, NY 50 – 249
8 Sphinx Solutions 732.947.4310 2010 Dallas, TX 50 – 249
9 MentorMate 612.823.4000 2001 Minneapolis, MN 250 – 999
10 Fueled 800.962.4587 2008 New York, NY 50 – 249
11 Softeq 281.552.5000 1997 Houston, TX 50 – 249
12 AndPlus 508.425.7533 2009 Southborough, MA 10 – 49
13 Blue Label Labs 207.890.5983 2009 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
14 Master of Code 888.706.0528 2004 Redwood City, CA 50 – 249
15 Fingent Technologies 914.615.9170 2003 White Plains, NY 50 – 249
16 Design Center, Inc 651.699.6500 1969 Saint Paul, MN 10 – 49
17 Mobisoft Infotech 855.572.2777 2009 Houston, TX 50 – 249
18 Myriad Mobile 701.369.0633 2010 Fargo, ND 10 – 49
19 Impekable 650.733.6006 2012 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
20 Two Tall Totems 888.315.4476 2010 Vancouver, CA 10 – 49

Important factors to consider before choosing an App Development Company for your enterprise

Business apps can generate significant revenue, and that’s the reason there is a rapid increase in the number of enterprise applications developed over the years.

Platform Selection

Find your audience & select the platform based on volume. Choose cross-platform if you have a similar number of users across each platform.


The team should focus above and beyond the standard security features to ensure that user data is safeguarded using extra safety measures

User Experience

The app developed should have a secure user-interface. It should be easy to install & use for the audience of all ages & technical competency

Analyze Business Needs

Conduct detailed analysis to determine the specific business goals the enterprise app must satisfy, and the main features it must possess.

Focus on Features

The enterprise app should let your users perform multiple tasks on the move and improve your company’s output and productivity.

Easy Integration

The company should provide unified access to all aspects of your business by easily integrating other business functions with your organization.

Fast Access

Your users should be able to access their privileged data quickly and efficiently without lags and connection time-outs.

In-built AI Support

Apps with in-built AI will improve the productivity of your staffs by automating various redundant tasks & allows them to focus on key deliverables.

Less focus on Visual Design

The app should focus relatively less on visual design elements like animation & images to save resources and make its appearance clutter-free.


The app should be easily scalable to accommodate more business functions and a growing user base with minimal downtime.

Development Methodology

Choose a company that follows iterative development methodologies like Agile, which will ensure higher quality and timely project delivery.

App Portfolio

Research the apps developed by the company for other organizations. Also, check the overall user feedback & ratings for those apps.

Analytics and Reporting

The company must provide consistent reporting and analytics dashboard for your app to get regular insights on user activities & performance.

Content Management Solutions

The enterprise should allow you to easily manage access and control different types of content and information across the application.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Ensure that they are is willing to sign & abide by an NDA to ensure that your company’s private data never gets shared with 3rd parties.

Prototype App

The developers should constantly prototype and demonstrate the app’s progress and new additional features for your approval.

QA and Testing

The company should have a dedicated team to perform QA and testing to eradicate any security vulnerabilities or technical snags in the app.

Coding Standards

Choose a company that has ample experience in the latest software and coding standards. Choose Android & iOS, certified developers.

SLA based Customer Service

Technical support is crucial to ensure that any lapses in the product/services get addressed instantly as per SLA’s agreed in the contracts.

Multiple Industry Verticals

The firm should have experience in developing a variety of apps across various industries to leverage best practices for your project.

Adaptive Engagement Model

The engagement model of the company should be adaptive and flexible in terms of pricing, payments, and hiring developers & testers.

Things to Consider While Developing an App for your Enterprise


Data encryption and user privacy is a crucial aspect to be considered for enterprise apps. The company needs to follow top-notch encryption standards and other best practices like two-factor authentication.

User Experience

Pay close attention and research on what features will be used mostly by your audience. Ask the firm to create an intuitive, user-friendly, and adaptive application regardless of the device and platform they use.

Focus on Functionality

The enterprise app should have a high-level of functionalities and features. It will keep your users and employees efficient and productive, and in turn, it will increase the overall output of your organization.

Multiple OS Support

Developers should have ample knowledge in developing apps for enterprises across different OS and platforms. They should maintain similar performance and security across all platforms.


Security is predominant for an enterprise application, and your developer should enlist additional security measures besides the in-built security features to safeguard your application against data breaches.

Mistakes people do when hiring an Enterprise App Development Firm

Not knowing the Audience

You need to speak with the team and examine their understanding of the requirements of your enterprise application. Then you should plan the features and platform selection based on the inputs received to ensure that the app will be successful for your business.

Too Many Features

Limit the number of features of your business app to only those that add value to your employees and organization as unnecessary features take up space and end up confusing the user with high loading time.

Not making it Customizable

Build options that allow your users to customize some elements and user interface of the app. If a user cannot customize the application, then they cannot add new features into the app in the future.

Not Releasing Updates

Business apps need to continually push security and performance enhancement updates to users to be active and compliant with the latest company terms and policies.

Insufficient Testing

An enterprise app must be diligently tested for security and design flaws during every stage of the development process to meet the highest industry standards of compliance.