Best Financial App Developers

Best Financial App Development Companies

Rinion has curated a list of the Top-10 Financial App Development companies in the world to help your business find a financial app solution for your customer needs. We researched hundreds of companies who have developed various financial apps for both Android and iOS. We also examined various categories of apps developed like banking apps, payment apps, and personal accounting apps. The list was compiled based on the quality of apps, security features, customer and client reviews, UI/UX design, customer support, and pricing. Compare the services offered by each company for best value to develop your financial app.

Best Financial App Developers

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 hedgehog lab 808.164.3895 2007 London, UK 50 – 249
2 Y Media Labs 415.839.8584 2008 Redwood City, CA 250 – 999
3 Dogtown Media 888.814.7010 2011 Venice Beach, CA 10 – 49
4 Robosoft Technologies 415.848.2354 1996 San Francisco, CA 250 – 999
5 Clearbridge Mobile 647.361.8401 2010 Toronto, CA 10 – 49
6 Prolific Interactive 347.462.0990 2009 Brooklyn, NY 50 – 249
7 Five Pack Creative 972.377.0023 2008 Frisco, TX 50 – 249
8 Topflight Apps 702.670.2759 2015 Irvine, CA 10 – 49
9 Galaxy Weblinks 888.666.4316 1998 Boston, MA 50 – 249
10 thoughtbot 877.976.2687 2003 Boston, MA 50 – 249

Important factors you should consider before choosing Financial App Development Companies

The main function of the robust financing apps gives all the details regarding the overall expenditure. Hence, the folks can access the overall account dashboard. There is no any necessity to use a particular app to manage the overall finance. Folks have the freedom to choose the app and also to start the monitoring process along with the finance as per their wish.

Multi-platform Solutions

Your app developer should have expertise developing quality financial apps for multiple platforms like Android and iOS, while maintaining quality and consistency across these platforms.

Intuitive UI/UX

Your finance app should be easy to navigate and use for people of various age groups and backgrounds, and hence the UI/UX should be intuitive and user-friendly.

Data Protection and Security

Security and protecting user’s personal data and their financial data is paramount for financial apps and developers should have strong experience in building and deploying secure apps.

Personalized Experience

Your financial app should deliver customizable and personalized experience for your users so that they are comfortable and feel safe while using your apps for their financial transactions.

Technical Support

The finance app developer should include dedicated technical support and maintenance in your contract to fix any bugs or issues in the app after deployment.

App Release

Choose a company who will seamlessly help you develop and submit the app to the app store by following the right processes for submitting to the respective app stores.

Technical Expertise

Research the financial app company to determine the technology they use, certifications, and the technical background and experience of their development teams.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing and payment plan for the financial app should be clear, competitive, and transparent without any ambiguous clauses or hidden fees.

Full Feature Support

A financial app should include several standard features by default like account management, online payment, statement downloads, customized alerts/notifications, and secure login.

Diverse Finance Apps Experience

Finance app development companies should have significant experience in developing apps for different financial applications like banking, personal finance, stock trading, and digital wallets.

Strong Portfolio

The financial app company’s portfolio should be large and boast several reputed prior client and projects. This indicates the quality and credibility of the company.

Ask for Client references

Ask for references from the company and contact these references to gain a clear understanding of the company’s credibility on the market.

QA and Testing

Enquire with the company about the various testing and quality control methods (manual and automated) used by the company to develop the financial app.

Development Methodology

Companies who follow industry-approved development best practices like Agile are the best option as they follow a clear strategy for development and testing.

Company Website

Check the company website to see if they have a list of previous clients or previous products developed and if the site lists all the details including company contact information.

Company Size

Look for a company that is medium to large sized to be able to provide dedicated developers and support for your financial app.

Requirement Analysis

The company should be proficient in conducting a thorough requirement analysis to clearly understands the needs and requirements for your app.


Reporting plays an important role in gathering insights and usage statistics about how your app is performing and if any issues need to be addressed.

Company Culture

It is important to look at a company’s work culture, professionalism, and approach. You want to work with a team that will invest its efforts to build a quality app.

Customer Testimonials

A company with positive and unbiased customer reviews and ratings online is always a good choice as it demonstrates trustworthiness.

5 Killer Tips to choose the Best Financial App Development Company

Check their Reputation

Research the app development company’s profile on their website and other online communities to form an idea of their experience and customer trust in the market.

Check the Technical Knowledge

Customer testimonials and ratings determine the reputation of a company and you can gauge their technical knowledge by viewing their portfolio on their website or checking previous financial apps built by them.

Check Design Standards

UI/UX skills and general design standards of a financial app company can be measured by viewing their apps already in the market and any demos listed on their portfolio.

Ask for Testing Standards

Ask the company for the standards and tools followed to test their apps, it should be the latest technology and a combination of manual and automated tools.

Cross-platform Development

It is important that the app development company has the capability to develop apps seamlessly for both Android and iOS and have previous experience with cross-platform apps.

Five Costly Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Financial App Development Company

Skipping Technical Discussion

Always engage the financial app development company in an in-depth technical discussion to understand their technical and coding expertise, and their overall development and testing methodology.

Lack of Design Knowledge

A finance app should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface design and the company you choose should be well-versed in various aspects of designing a UI for an app.

Source Code Ownership

The ownership of the final source code and any other design artifacts should reside with your company and not the app developer if you outsource future development to another agency.

Poor Marketing Knowledge

Hire an agency who also have app marketing experience as the app should be promoted on the app store as well as relevant blogs and online communities to increase user base.

No App Testing

Inadequate or no testing prior to release could cause problems with obtaining app approvals on the app stores as well as poor usability experience for your users.