Best Freelancer App Developers


S.No Company Name Website Email id Phone Number Year Founded Location Employees Count
1 WadyBug LLC 844.923.9284 2014 Cerritos, CA Freelancer
2 Rocket Insights 925.854.1970 2015 Boston, MA 10 – 49
3 SaveOnDev 808.772.9755 2014 Honolulu, HI Freelancer
4 Envie Media 303.872.0272 2007 Denver, CO Freelancer
5 Rocket Farm Studios 617.463.9123 2008 Boston, MA 10 – 49
6 AppsChopper 212.634.7894 2011 New York, NY 50 – 249
7 Quintegro 978.422.1044 2014 Boston, MA 10 – 49
8 MCM Web Solutions 931.896.1313 2005 Clarksville, TN Freelancer
9 CreativeFlo 416.888.9251 2000 Toronto, CA Freelancer
10 Freelance SEO & Web Design 516.495.9327 2007 Philadelphia, PA Freelancer
11 Automly App Development 312.709.5064 2011 Chicago, IL Freelancer
12 Outright Development 781.239.8188 2009 Newton, MA 10 – 49
13 Kaizen Softworks 857.214.4613 2014 Boston, MA 10 – 49
14 Hattan Media LLC 646.820.8499 2014 New York, NY Freelancer
15 Webcami Site Design 206.550.7720 2002 Seattle, WA Freelancer

Freelancers can also be termed as ‘Independent Contractors’, offers his/her service to any organisation without inclusion into the terms and conditions imposed by them. They work independently and do not come under the circle of full-time employment of the organisation. Free-lancing, in short, is a short-term independent self-employment of a person.

There are a lot of categories under which people freelance themselves. Some of them are writing, proof-reading, design, programming, etc. Freelancing is highly precarious since they may or may not get paid. India is the stands second in freelancing after the US. Several millions of people are freelancing over the internet. Below are the pros and cons of a freelance developer.

Why freelance developing is advantageous?


The Freelance developer’s ratio is highly increasing in India. Internet evolution has become a fruitful evolution that changed the entire mode of working. In freelancing, you are the boss of your own. Hence, you are provided with a high flexibility of timing and workplace. You can work at your own comfort at home and get paid.

The developers prefer the flexibility since they are paid for hours of working. In India, a freelance developer gets from 10K to 3 lakhs per month. It all depends upon their past experience.

Get Paid what you’re Worth

The major advantage of freelancing is the ability to choose your own price. You can demand the amount you need to get paid for your work since you are not imposed under any terms and conditions enclosed by the organization. Being a freelance developer you also have the advantage of paying less tax.

Choose the Client of Your Choice

The ultimate freedom of choosing your own work and the client of your wish is available only in freelancing. You can go through the job profile and pick up your favorite one. It’s an awesome feeling when you develop something of your interest.

Drawbacks that Freelance Developers face

Inconsistent Opportunity

You can’t be sure that there will always be an opportunity as a freelance developer. One may get a lot of opportunities at a certain season and suddenly turn to zero. So, you can’t completely rely on the freelancing.

Managing Multiple Clients could be a Mess

In order to be a freelancer developer, you must possess the software required for the particular work. You must be an expert at selling your skill. Your sample works must be compelling the clients to contact you. Sometimes freelancing, multiple clients at the same time could end up a huge career disaster.

You may Miss out Benefits

Since you are outbound of the organization, you miss out the perks as an employee. Benefits like Healthcare, pension plans, etc. Consider all these ideas before you choose to be a freelance developer.