Best Internet of Things Development Companies

Best IoT development companies

Ferreting out for virtuous IoT development companies? We curated the best leading IoT developing companies to efficiently seek out the right firm to efficiently handle your intended project. We have evaluated several hundred IoT Development Companies for the list. Rinion has scrupulously taken several different data points ranging from the proficiency of the reputable firms based on their user ratings, in-depth industry research. As the desired result, the top 30 IoT development companies have been listed. Compare the most genuine and upright company. We gratify sheer pride in justly ranking IoT developing firms.

Best IoT development companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Softeq 281.552.5000 1997 Houston, TX 50 – 249
2 Biz4Group LLC 614.329.6463 2003 Orlando, FL 10 – 49
3 Gorilla Logic 303.974.7088 2002 Boulder, CO 10 – 49
4 Infinum 925.953.2076 2005 San Francisco , CA 2 – 9
5 Y Media Labs 415.839.8584 2008 Silicon Valley, CA 2 – 9
6 Citrusbits 925.452.6012 2005 Pasadena, CA 10 – 49
7 Logiticks 206.787.9004 2014 Redmond, WA 50 – 249
8 Gorilla Logic 303.974.7088 2002 Boulder, CO 2 – 9
9 Konstant Infosolutions 888.866.0067 2003 Palo Alto, CA 2 – 9
10 Biz4Solutions LLC 407.401.9289 2011 Frisco , TX 50 – 249
11 LeewayHertz 408.879.7338 2007 Lake Forest, IL 50 – 249
12 Velmie 650.353.7636 2007 Willmington, DE 50 – 249
13 Intersog 773.305.0885 2005 Chicago, IL 50 – 249
14 Hidden Brains 866.442.3011 2007 Schaumburg, IL 10 – 49
15 TOPS Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd 408.600.0534 2011 Fremont, CA 50 – 249
16 Mutual Mobile 512.615.1800 2009 Austin, TX 2 – 9
17 Mobisoft Infotech 855.572.2777 2009 Houston , TX 2 – 9
18 Prismetric 728.384.5358 2008 South San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
19 Ready4S 347.627.0557 2012 New York, NY 10 – 49
20 AppsChopper 302.597.9039 2011 New York, NY 50 – 249
21 TechAhead 818.318.0727 2009 Agoura Hills, CA 2 – 9
22 Fingent 914.615.9170 2003 White Plains, NY 2 – 9
23 Helix Tech Pvt. Ltd 982.324.5881 2013 New York, NY 10 – 49
24 Imaginovation 888.723.8643 2011 Raleigh, NC 10 – 49
25 TechMagic 617.275.2362 2014 Chestnut Hill, MA 50 – 249
26 TechAffinity, Inc 813.400.0160 2000 Tampa, FL 2 – 9
27 PromptWorks 888.915.7768 2013 Philadelphia , PA 2 – 9
28 CemtrexLabs 631.756.9116 2009 New York, NY 10 – 49
29 Inovatica 661.548.4000 2008 San Diego, CA 10 – 49
30 Smashing Ideas 206.378.0100 1996 Seattle , WA 50 – 249

Important factors you should consider before choosing an IoT Development Companies

IoT plays an important role in the present world and it refers to a set of devices where the data is collected and transmitted through the internet. It is a trendy topic and it includes a set of technologies such as the processors, software and web-enabled sensors. These elements allow both capture and transmit the data immediately and in a reliable manner. Since there is great growth in the market it has reached its peak level in a shorter period of time. It improves the efficiency of the product life cycle and it is profitable for the organizations too.


To handle the complexity of the growing data as the number of connected devices increases, it is important to make sure the IoT platforms support countless devices.

AI edge devices

Choose an IOT platform that provides edge intelligent AI capabilities to extend the power of the cloud to IoT devices and mobiles.

Infrastructure of cloud

Adopt for the hybrid cloud approach for reducing the latency, access time significantly and also leveraging the computing competencies of a public cloud.

Catastrophe recovery

The security of your data depends on your IoT platform provider. Verify the vendor has a proper mishap recovery strategy.

Protocols and standards

The IOT platform you prefer should ensure that it directly or indirectly offers protocol rendition. Ratify if the provider can support the newer and upgraded protocols with ease.

Specified IOT skills

The firm with a proven track record of launching IOT solutions with much expertise has a distinct edge and will be able to deliver the solution quickly.

Working patterns

Look out for IOT partners that work in the same way that your firm does. This helps to continuously deliver efficient product including faster time and higher quality software.


The client and the developing partner need to be flexible and open to possible changes throughout the life cycle of the product.

Integral stack capabilities

Prioritize firms who are persistent in web developing and web security because major of the IOT solutions will be web software.

Trusted QA and testing measures

Determine an IOT partner who does have high expertise in automated testing and software quality. This helps in continuous delivery at times.

Offers out of box services

Opt for an IOT firm that gives extensive offers and services to focus and pursue the business with the quality.

Security of the app data

The security factor should be of 100% and it should not be compromised in any of subjective layer.

Client’s remarks and reviews

Go through the previous client’s testimonials and their history record too. So that you can get a better idea about what the firm is dealing with it.

Opt for a fully capable platform

The platform should be a compatible one, well optimized in order to meet any type of issue and proceed on further successfully.

Assay the risk appetite

While handling internet related things it’s wise to analyze the risk beforehand so that serious can be avoided in the future.


For a full-fledged work, each and every interface should be completely reviewed in the implementation phase without any complications.


In the initial stage, indulge in the research process get an idea depending on the competitor about the difficulties and competition to raise top among them.

Blue Print

Nothing will be hidden from you, if so found anything being hidden and they don’t want to share it with you then don’t business with them. This may harm your exclusive plan behind the door strategy.

Mandatory changes

Make sure that the right person is handling the changes. You don’t have to jeopardize your business by handing your website to an amateur.


Do not forget to check for their experience especially in creating quality quality work and examine their certificates too.

Reliable Parameters

One should set the right parameter and reliable too for the entire tracking progress of the project starting from the initial step to the final one.

5 basic questions to ask before choosing an IoT Development Company

How monitoring is done?

The overall monitoring of IoT products is a feasible one by optimizing an additional layer of communication protocols along with Application Programming Interface.

How secure it is?

Here, security is 100% assured for each and every component; it includes lists of options such as traditional certificated-base methodologies, data packet encryption including network encryption.

Is it customizable?

Yes, most of the IoT platforms have more or less similar non-coding dashboard customized ones. They are created by using efficient programming tools.

Check cloud storage options

Typically for a huge amount of data storage, there are three options available such as in-house, open-sourced including vendor operated one.

Verify their licensing

Literally, enquire about the licensing schemes to the respective IoT Platforms and also learn to monetize offerings in a better manner.

5 mistakes people do when choosing an IoT Development Company

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Opt for a platform which is a compatible one; it mainly supports and interconnects all the major components within the system.

Not giving attention to security

All the collected and stored data is strongly encrypted integrated with a smart sensor system. The device level security is indulged with Enhanced Privacy Identity.

Not understanding functions

It is important to monitor your IoT network system, check for the collection of real-time data and pass it on to the server.

Choosing Cheap

Do not compromise on the quality factor of your IoT application; choose for the best one and do not opt for the cheaper one.

No Intense Testing

Typically testing process is mandatory and it should be done at different levels such as network, user interface and peripherals, etc.