Best iPhone App Development Companies

Best iOS App Development Companies Rankings

In this era of mobile Apps, you know you should entrust the development of your iOS App Development to an effective company. This is one of the most important decisions that can make or break your business. You may not have the time and in-house expertise to analyze and shortlist “the one” from the gazillion App development companies out there. That is where we can help. Our nerds have investigated extensive features offered from hundreds of companies to rank these based on the most sought after considerations. We have established a reliable list of the Top 25 Best iOS App Development Companies in the world.

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Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Mobomo 240.399.1319 2007 Vienna, VA 50 – 249
2 Tristatetechnology 848.260.1723 2012 Arlington Heights,IL 10 – 49
3 SDSol 305.274.2147 1999 Coral Gables, FL 10 – 49
4 SOFTBOLT 786.383.3063 2005 Miami, FL 10 – 49
5 FuGenX 213.995.8091 2008 Chantilly, VA 250 – 999
6 Mobile Innovation Agency 888.329.9875 2007 Charlottesville, VA 250 – 999
7 Innofied Solution 866.941.5117 2012 Santa Clara, CA 50 – 249
8 Smarther 408.215.1517 2011 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
9 Intuz 650.451.1499 2008 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
10 SimbirSoft 617.982.1723 2001 lexington, KY 250 – 999
11 Clearbridge Mobile 647.361.8401 2010 Toronto, Canada 50 – 249
12 WillowTree, Inc 888.329.9875 2007 Charlottesville, VA 250 – 999
13 Utility 212.328.1167 2013 New York, NY 50 – 249
14 Y Media Labs 415.839.8584 2008 Redwood City, CA 250 – 999
15 Atomic Object 616.776.6020 2001 Grand Rapids, MI 50 – 249
16 Excellent WebWorld 480.409.4504 2011 Minneapolis, MN 50 – 249
17 Dom and Tom 964.397.0717 2015 Richmond, CA 10 – 49
18 Code Brew Labs 408.217.1185 2013 New York, NY 50 – 249
19 Impekable 650.733.6006 2012 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
20 Codal 312.663.8142 2009 Chicago, IL 50 – 249
21 Dev Technosys 415.992.5493 2010 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
22 Zco 603.881.9200 1989 Nashua, NH 250 – 999
23 Dogtown Media 888.814.7010 2011 Venice Beach, CA 10 – 49
24 Azoft 315.633.3272 2002 New York City, NY 50 – 249
25 Essential Designs 604.568.7800 2008 Vancouver, Canada 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing the Best iOS App Development Companies

In the present era, the iPhone App Development companies are increasing day by day. Due to advancement in the technologies, most of the folks use the internet on the Smart phones or iPhone for the official or personal purpose.

Market Research

We value companies that understand that apps should be designed and built based on sound information and not meaningless data

Industry expertise

To develop an App that is a value-add to a process, the team should possess in-depth knowledge of the relevant industry.

Vast Experience

Our list comprises of companies that have decades of experience in designing, delivering, and supporting world-class mobile applications.

Superior Clientele

Having a good number of large businesses as clients can be a testimony for the excellence of iOS Apps developed by a company

Communication Lines

The best company to work with is one that is always available for discussions, issue resolutions and regular touch-base via various channels of communication.

Accolades and Certifications

The best App development companies may be identified from the various forums that have recognized the excellence delivered

UX / UI specialization

Companies that make it to our list create apps that are intuitive and easy-to-use that are created from scratch rather than templates.

Tools and Resources

We ranked the companies based on the use of state-of-the-art tools. These are vital as these determine what will work and what won’t in your app.

Device function Harnessing

These companies-built Apps that interface with the functionalities of the device like camera, gestures, and maps to provide user delight

Turn-around Timelines

Time is money. We only included in our review, companies that had a proven track record of committing to and delivering on the timelines

Return on investment

We also considered the costs per feature provided by each company. This ensures you get your money’s worth.

Data Privacy

The onus of protecting the data that your customers entrust to you solely depends on the App. Our list of companies take breaches very seriously.

Project Resourcing

These companies are huge and allocate a dedicated team of multi-faceted specialists to each work order. There are no conflicting priorities

Robust Testing

Top-notch companies always ensure that their apps undergo several iterations of quality control and testing to meet stringent standards.


For some Apps like banking and e-commerce Apps, security is of number 1 priority. These companies create complex encryptions that are impossible to crack


To gain a complete picture, Apps need to be able to produce regular reports of usage patterns, trends, and other analyses.


Keeping the dynamic needs of businesses in mind, we gave preference to companies that built apps with the flexibility to be native or perform cross-platform.

Growth Potential

This is the most important trait of a good iOS company is its ability to accommodate the growing needs of the business seamlessly.

Customer Satisfaction

We have given weightage to reviews by previous customers that have used the services of these iOS app development companies in our ranking strategy.

Launch and Promotion

These companies also obtain required approvals from the apple store and establish a great promotional campaign within your budget.

Ongoing Updates

Companies that form our list are strongly accountable for after-sale support. These companies proactively identify and nip any troubleshoots in the bud

Common Mistakes People do when choosing their iOS App Development company

Lack of Communication

Effective two-way communications are vital for successful App development. The App development company should be responsive, proactively providing status reports and timely escalation of issues.

Incomplete knowledge

The first step towards a game-changing app is to have a clear picture of the intended end-product in mind. Attributes like scope, design, purpose, features must be established well in advance

Lack of Cross-platform knowledge

A team that only builds iOS Apps can be a deterrent to expansion plans. An App schema that is replicable in different platforms such as iOS, android, blueberry or windows is crucial.

Not using Latest Technology

App development technology is constantly evolving. You should gain confidence that your company stays in the know-how of the latest trends. Failing which, your App may no longer be relevant at its launch.

Lack of project planning

Long before you start looking for an app development company, you need to have a clear process map completed with set timelines. This is what will give you a head start among rival companies.

Five Advantages of Building an iOS App for your Business

Flexible UI

iOS Apps are known to render a perfect user experience. This is due to the capabilities of the available iOS tools, excellent quality in hardware and software robust customer support.

Highly Scalable

Expansion is at the forefront of all businesses. Growth and sustainability depend on the ability of an App to morph exponentially while catering to the demands of a growing customer base.

Highly Secure Transactions

Apple’s commitment to the security of its customers is a well-known fact. By choosing an iOS platform for your App, you can avoid any possible breaches of data security.

Link Building Approach

A robust app store optimization is vital to the success of your app. This can be done by building quality links to increase visibility and improve conversion rate in the App store.

Loyal Customer Base

Apple has a massive presence in the developed world. A onetime Apple user will always be an apple user due to reliable performance. So building an iOS App is a necessity for any business.