Best Local SEO Companies

Best Local SEO Companies

💛Our industry experts and SEO specialists meticulously researched and ranked hundreds of local SEO companies to give your business an unparalleled edge over your competitors.
💛Our scoring system uses several vital indicators that rank the SEO firms based on various parameters like service quality, industry experience & analytical competency.
💛At Rinion, we have evaluated an exhaustive list of firms all over the world to prepared a list of 20 best-in-class SEO Marketing firms in the world.
💛Choose your firm from our carefully curated list to increase conversions and ROI. Also, experience a dramatic growth of local site traffic and gain more customers to your site.

Top Local SEO Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Boston SEO Company 877.778.4720 2009 Boston, MA 10 – 49
2 Clickflame 714.888.5691 2016 Mesa, AZ 2 – 9
3 G/O Digital 855.389.3059 2013 McLean, VA 2 – 9
4 Foster Web Marketing 703.665.0307 1998 Fairfax, VA 50 – 249
5 Octal Digital 281.899.0697 2014 Houston , TX 10 – 49
6 Local Seo Monk 561.577.7393 2003 Royal Palm Beach, FL 10 – 49
7 CyberMark 623.889.3380 1994 Phoenix, AZ 10 – 49
8 Matchbox Design 314.849.6969 2006 St. Louis, MO 10 – 49
9 ExpertsFromIndia 408.757.0839 2003 San Jose , CA 50 – 249
10 Pacific54 305.515.5473 2009 Miami, FL 2 – 9
11 Scorpion Design 866.332.3230 2003 Valencia, CA 50 – 249
12 Miller Ad Agency 972.243.2211 1984 Dallas, TX 10 – 49
13 Enable Design 540.751.4117 2015 Front Royal, VA 2 – 9
14 NetLocal 215.874.0744 2006 Philadelphia, PA 10 – 49
15 ProSites 951.693.9101 2003 Temecula, CA 10 – 49
16 SocialSEO 800.657.1645 1996 Englewood, CO 10 – 49
17 Kashmer Interactive 704.981.1010 2016 Fort Mill, SC 2 – 9
18 SearchXcel 904.572.4428 2008 Jacksonville, FL 10 – 49
19 411 Locals 855.259.2908 2007 Las Vegas, NV 50 – 249
20 Tyton Media 913.334.7715 2016 Overland Park, KS 2 – 9

Things to consider before choosing a Local SEO Firm

Regional SEO improves your visibility and gets you more customers from your neighborhood. It will be beneficial for small businesses to get first page rankings‎ for a set of local keywords.

Content Marketing

The SEO firm should consistently write & publish relevant high-quality content regularly. It will help your site to reach your target audience quickly.

Keyword Tracking

The SEO agency should track your target keywords with advanced tools & optimize them regularly by identifying trending search keywords

Website Reporting

The company must provide bimonthly custom SEO reports to check the progress on optimizing your website for maximum lead generation.

Customer Reviews

Reviews & client testimonials will help you to sift through the list of reputed agencies to find the one who has a proven track record in this field.

Google My Business (GMB)

An SEO firm with considerable experience in harnessing the power of GMB can put your business on the fast track to fetch local traffic.

Diversified Expertise

A firm that has expertise in distinct areas like content marketing and SMO other than regional SEO can add value to your investment.

Client Portfolio

A strong portfolio showcased on the company’s site with a list of clientele serviced in the past shows their strength and adds their credibility.

Understanding Target Audience

The company should define your target audience based on your business goals and build strategies by keeping them in mind.

Social Media Outreach

The firm should achieve organic growth by mastering over different aspects of social media to significantly increase your target audience.

SEO Best Practices

The SEO firm should never use any illegal black hat techniques and shortcuts to generate fake traffic to your website.

Off-page/On-page Optimization

The company should have hands-on knowledge with proven Off-page/On-page Optimization techniques for better search rankings & ROI.

Voice Search Optimization

The company should have ample knowledge in Voice AI & search to optimize your website for voice traffic. It will get you Impactful Results.

Business Listings

The agency should get your business listed on top business listings like GMB, Bing & Yelp to earn more leads along with sustainable results.

Quality Backlinks

Your SEO firm should have expertise in building quality backlinks from trustworthy websites to increase web traffic and build site credibility.

Building Citations

Listing your business on reputed local citations will help you establish your NAP(Business Name, Address, and Phone Number) across the web.

Competitor Analysis

Your SEO firm should always keep a close eye on your competitor’s backlink profile. They should try to gain the link if it is from a trusted site.

Remove Duplicate Pages

Your agency should help you to find & remove duplicate pages as it will hurt your search rankings. Removing it will improve your rankings.

Setup Analytics/Search Console

The SEO firm should help you to set up & monitor your website’s traffic and data by adding Google Analytics & search console for your site.

Mobile-friendly Websites

Ensure that your firm gives importance to the mobile-friendliness of your website as Google’s algorithm ranks mobile-friendly sites higher.

Structuring URL/Navigation

The firm should ensure that the URLs are SEO-friendly & they should also help you to make sure that the users navigate through the topics easily.

Location-Based Marketing

Apart from organic traffic from Google, the firm should also have the expertise to fetch traffic to your site based on your business location.

How local SEO can help your business?

Setup Google My Business Account

A GMB account is your business profile on Google. Getting on board with Google My Business can increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Location Finder and Google Maps. It will drive organic traffic to your site.
The SEO company should help you to claim your business listing legitimately and help you to complete your business profile with accurate information.
They should also assist you in setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to keep track of your site’s traffic and performance.

Real-time SEO Monitoring

On-page elements like content, links, indexes, images, and URLs play an integral role in SEO optimization.
Your SEO company should continuously monitor these elements and optimize the site by checking title tags, meta descriptions, images, navigation, and backlinks.
They should also remove any duplicate pages, unwanted listings, and inconsistent data to ensure superior site optimization.

Backlinks Management

A site with irrelevant and broken links can drastically decrease your SEO rankings and credibility.
Your SEO firm should use efficient link management systems that track broken and dead links and fix them instantly.
Having your business listed in popular online business listings like Google, Bing, and Yelp will ensure that your site gets the right amount of local traffic.
It will also ensure that your site listing will help customers find your business quickly.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

Regional SEO Pricing depends on various factors. Ideally, the SEO agency will encompass most of the following in their packages.

Number of Business Locations

The pricing will rise based on the number of physical locations you operate as each of these must be individually optimized for higher rankings.

Range of Services Offered

SEO optimization for a wider variety of products and services costs more as this involves creating and maintaining a separate set of keywords and pages for targeted audiences.

Product Competition

A trending product/service requires more SEO effort, monitoring, and pricing to get higher rankings compared to a product/service, which has a niche market or audience.

New/Old Website

Optimizing and ranking a brand new site takes lots of time and effort compared to an older reputed website.

Pricing Models

Prices vary based on the type of engagement models you choose with the firm. You can choose to have a dedicated resource or project-based pricing or monthly recurring rates based on targets.