Best Mobile App Development Companies

Best Mobile App Development Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Webinopoly 713.805.5888 2012 Houston, TX 50 -249
2 Dexence 415.295.1551 2002 San Francisco, CA 50 -249
3 Coshx 434.262.0699 2011 Myrtle Beach, SC 10 – 49
4 Diffco 415.655.1002 2008 Sunnyvale, CA 10 – 49
5 Rishabhsoft 877.747.4224 1999 San Jose, CA 250 – 999
6 Sunflower Lab 614.664.7674 2010 Hilliard, OH 10 – 49
7 Mindsea 833.646.3732 2007 Halifax NS 10 – 49
8 Five Box 800.641.7790 2012 Atlanta, GA 2 – 9
9 Digital Scientists 404.554.4476 2007 Alpharetta, GA 10 – 49
10 Algoworks 877.284.1028 2006 Sunnyvale CA 250 – 999
11 Nomtek 415.802.2218 2009 San Francisco CA 50 -249
12 Simpalm 312.544.0089 2009 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
13 Intersog 833.468.3776 2005 CHICAGO, IL 50 -249
14 Infojini 410.919.9440 2006 Jersey City, NJ 50 -249
15 Appearls 203.424.1139 2004 Bridgeport, CO 10 – 49
16 Qualdev 631.479.3005 2006 Melville, NY 10 – 49
17 Boston Technology 781.544.4799 2004 Marlborough MA 250 – 999
18 SubcoDevs, Inc 704.234.6780 2014 Charlotte, NC 10 – 49
19 Theninehertz 315.381.4100 2008 Cincinnati, OH 50 -249
20 Mindbowser 408.786.5974 2010 Flushing, NY 10 – 49
21 Tapptitude 303.408.3671 2013 Boulder, CO 10 – 49
22 Tvisha 732.654.0056 2002 Edison, NJ 50 -249
23 Impigertech 972.346.8186 2004 Dallas, TX 250 – 999
24 Asap developers 415.967.3920 2008 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
25 Connected 647.478.7493 2014 Toronto, ON 50 -249
26 AccelOne 800.863.6814 2013 Kirkland, WA 10 – 49
27 Spiralogics 770.209.9596 2009 Atlanta, GA 10 – 49
28 Worry Free Labs 470.223.4370 2005 New York, NY 50 -249
29 WeDig Techsolutions 310.424.5055 2008 Hermosa Beach, CA 50 -249
30 Innoppl Inc 310.279.6584 2009 Culver, CA 50 -249
31 CoreValue Services 908.312.4070 2004 Rochelle Park, NJ 250 – 999
32 Ethervision 312.870.0080 2008 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
33 Code Brew 408.217.1185 2013 New York, NY 250 – 999
34 Imaginnovate 479.696.9898 2013 Fayetteville, AR 10 – 49
35 Citrusbits 925.452.6012 2005 Pleasanton, CA 50 -249
36 Abstract Softweb 408.475.5430 2010 San Ramon, CA 50 -249
37 Krasamo 214.418.3347 2010 Plano, TX 10 – 49
38 Chamber DS, llc 503.877.9732 2014 Portland, OR 10 – 49
39 CQLsys Technologies 323.902.6494 2011 Englewood, CO 50 -249
40 Credencys 310.294.9973 2008 LA Palma, CA 50 -249

Things to consider before choosing a Mobile App Development Company

In this present world, the mobile app development is more important for a business and it also helps to enhance the sales and also to reach the audience on the right path. The reliable services are offered by a list of companies and it also helps to bring the mobile dream into a real one.


Before handing over the project researching their past work history is obligatory. A renowned organization will possess and maintain good work records.

Spot Target Users

Identify your ideal audience and check whether the company can create an app that develops a direct impact over the target users.

Action plan

An efficient mobile app development organization must be able to generate an effective action plan and work accordingly without any disruptions.

Opt right platform

One of the significant parts of app building is platform selection. The organization must be able to suggest you the right path for app deployment.

Calculate budget

The enterprise must provide the exact product and services desired, at an affordable price according to the business size and type.

Examine reputation

An app development organization must be highly reputed one and should have created goodwill among its environment.

Opt for creativity

Innovation is the key to unlock success in the competitive world. Hence, the organization must be creative to stand out and deliver.

End-user experience

Profitability is earned, when the user enjoys the application completely. Therefore, it is important that you check the reviews of their previous apps.

Seamless performance

Peak performance of an app must be guaranteed regardless of the size or features that an app comprises.

App testing

The organization must possess all utilities to test the app under various environments and deliver it at the right time.

Services offered

Apart from the development of application the organization should also offer user-friendly services according to the clients’ needs.

Return on Investment

The user is letting the organization mold their future; they should be treated well with great benefits upon their investment.

App Update

The role of organization does not stop with the delivery of the finished product but also making updates on a periodic basis.

Highly certified

Choosing an organization that has obtained the highest level of certification in app development is highly recommended to purchase app confidently.


If the organization has got great insights into the people’s preferences, competitors analysis then it is an additional plus.

User Interface

Designing a highly reliable and simple user interface is much important since it raises the level of user experience.


Similar to updates maintaining the app neat is also an important criterion. Regular maintenance shows the responsibility of an organization.

Marketing assistance

A well-organized development company will also be able to assist the client in framing a perfect strategy for marketing.

24-hour support

Support is an essential thing; during times of technical difficulties, the customer must feel free to seek support.

App safety

If security fails, the hard work entirely goes in vain. So the organization must never compromise on the security of an application.

Experienced staff

An organization must hold experienced staffs to carry out all the work functionalities. This will automatically grow belief in the customer.

Mobile App development steps followed & how long does it take for the launch?

Research & Analysis

Developing an idea is pretty simple, but exploring the technical implementation difficulties and analyzing the possibilities are the real challenge.

UI/UX Design

In the competitive rivalry, finding a new audience and retaining the existing users is a difficult job. Only a good UI/UX design can attract the audience in large scale.

Backend Development

The performance of an app depends on the back end development. An impressive operation can be achieved only through efficient server-side execution.

Frontend Development

Front end development plays a crucial role in every app design. It must simple and interactive to keep the users highly engaged.

Quality Analysis

To get that additional niche of confidence level assuring the product is essential; which is only possible by analyzing the quality via testing of the product.

What would be the estimated price for developing a Mobile App?

Data Driven App

Along with the modern data management platform, the data-driven apps are proclaimed as the futuristic IT Trend and it can be deployed for iOS, Android and Web Browsers.

Basic Device App

Software that permits the users, to perform specific tasks through the inbuilt functionalities upon interface with simple device models are basic device app.

Gaming App

The gaming app, a compatible one keeps connected to the games, players and the modernized culture that means more to you. The complex games use Artificial Intelligence along with the 3D environment.

Functionality App

The functionality app works through the Application Programming Interface. In terms of the major factor of the cost it shows greater variations and virtually it has no limit.

Custom Utility App

Software customized to make analysis, configuration, maintenance, and optimization of computer or similar devices to help in balancing the system performance are custom utility app.