Best Mobile Game Developers

Best Mobile Game Development Companies Rankings

Catapult your company to global fame and earn massive revenue by creating popular and engaging mobile games for Android and iOS. If you want to be a successful company whose games are the most popular worldwide, you will need the best game developers and artists working on your ideas. We have rounded up a list of the Top 25 Best Mobile Game Development companies after evaluating and comparing key parameters to help you make the right choice! We looked at client reviews, creativity, graphics and animation experience, cross-platform support, game development expertise and pricing to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best Mobile Game Development Companies Rankings

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 FS 203.287.1166 2008 Wenlock, RD 10 – 49
2 White widget 632.966.7220 2012 Quezon City, NCR 10 – 49
3 Zgames 888.576.3837 2008 Houston, TX 50 – 249
4 Tintash 650.996.2875 2007 Raleigh, NC 50 – 249
5 Zco Corporation 603.881.9200 1989 Hudson Town, NH 250 – 999
6 ManekTech 623.845.2747 2011 Glendale, AR 50 – 249
7 Panacea Infotech 630.796.0282 2004 Evanston, IL 50 – 249
8 Fluper 646.889.2430 2013 Sarasota, FL 50 – 249
9 Retrocube 888.205.1816 2008 Dallas, TX 50 – 249
10 Juegostudio 732.492.8731 2011 Aventura, Fl 50 – 249
11 Appmemobile 415.9931.555 2017 Boston, MA 50 – 249
12 Redappletech (469)371.1440 2010 Denton, TX 50 – 249
13 Appsquadz 877.659.9068 2014 Harrison, NJ 50 – 249
14 Groove Jones 214.749.0094 2015 Dallas, TX 10 – 49
15 Algoworks 877.284.1028 2006 Sunnyvale , CA 50 – 249
16 Softeq 281.552.5000 1997 Houston , TX 50 – 249
17 Enterra 813.514.0531 2001 Tampa, FL 50 – 249
18 Chetu, Inc 954.342.5676 2000 Plantation, FL 1,000 – 9,999
19 Fishermen Labs 424.262.5227 2014 El Segundo , CA 10 – 49
20 Smashing Ideas 206.378.0100 1996 Seattle , WA 50 – 249
21 Cubix 866.978.2220 2008 Washington , DC 50 – 249
22 Wilson Develops LLC 775.624.7228 2017 Reno, NV 2 – 9
23 iPhone Developer 708.539.9514 2008 Chicago, IL 50 – 249
24 PreApps 855.445.2280 2012 Boston, MA 10 – 49
25 OrangeMantra 680.800.1190 2001 Wilmington , DE 50 – 249

Important factors you should consider before choosing the Best Mobile Game Development Companies

In this digital era, mobile phones are no longer a communication device and it has become completely an entertainment device along with inbuilt games, music, and camera etc. Each and every day the mobile game developers have started to develop interactive applications. The inclusion of the processing capabilities of the Smart Phones it has grown the leaps and also bounds. One of the interesting and emerging topics in the field of the mobile industry is the java games.

Multi-platform Development

You can reach a wider user audience by developing your game for both Android and iOS platforms. Choose a company who specializes in cross-platform game app development.

Graphics/Animation Expertise

Attractive graphics and high-quality animation is a principal factor which attracts gamers and you should select a company who has proven experience in these fields.


A company with several years of proven experience in the game development field can be considered trustworthy for your new project.

Gaming Portfolio

Check the games and the ratings on the play store for previous gaming apps built for other clients to gauge the company’s reputation.

Technology Expertise

Get certified and experienced mobile game developers. This ensures a healthy gaming app on the operating system of your choice.

Timely Delivery

Get a deadline & follow up with your developers to ensure delivery of the mobile game application happens on a timescale that is measurable and meets your needs.

Quality Assurance

The company should have robust QA processes in place to ensure the efficiency, stability, and performance of the mobile game.

Game Engine Expertise

The developers of the company should be certified and have extensive knowledge in using popular game engines for development like Unity and Unreal.

Past Client References

Check their past clients and get references and speak to them to know about their experience with the developer.

Pricing and payments

The pricing and plans of the company should be reasonable and the services offered should be clear and transparent.

Development Methodology

Insist upon developers who follow robust development methodologies like Agile which minimizes defects and ensures quality and deadlines are met.

Multi-player Game Experience

Multi-player game development experience is useful if your game needs to support multiple users logging on to a game server to play the game.

Diversity in Game Apps

Look for a company who has developed various types of games like puzzles, racing, role-playing, and adventure games.

Detailed Analysis and Planning

The game app development company should conduct detailed analysis of your requirements and plan the development schedule accordingly.

3D Modeling Experience

It’s advantageous to hire a company who has in-house experience in building high-quality 3D game assets for the mobile app as this 3rd party asset costs.

Latest Technology

Ensure that the game development company uses the latest technology and software tools for the game development process.

Support and Maintenance

Check that the game development company offers comprehensive support and maintenance services to tackle any customer facing issues.

Storyboards and Concept Art

Choose a company who will share well thought out storyboards and concept art of the proposed game for your approval before development begins.

Size and Memory Optimization

The game apps developed by the company should occupy less space and consume minimal memory on the device to prevent crashes and negative customer feedback.

Dedicated Project Manager

The company you choose should allocate a dedicated project manager to communicate with your and ensure that the project timelines and deliverables are always met.

Game Analytics

The developer should grant you access to analytical tools or send regular reports on the game’s rankings, performance, and any issues encountered by players.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a Game App Development company

Looking for Local Developers

Avoid trying to source work only from local developers as some of the top-notch artists and game development companies are spread all over the globe and can offer superior services at competitive prices.

Bad Budget

Talk to the company and research well to come up with a budget which is realistic without compromise to app quality as mobile technologies and trends tend to change constantly.

Expecting Instant ROI

Any mobile game takes time to find advertisers/investors and develop a faithful user base who will promote your game and spend money on in-app purchases, be patient and don’t expect returns instantly.

Not working on UX

UI/UX is one of the key ingredients in a mobile game which engages the user and keeps them coming back and thus it’s critical that ample effort is put into user interaction design.

Underestimating Testing

A game that is not adequately tested is prone to bugs and crashes which leads to poor user experience and eventually users uninstalling the game which reflects on the game’s rating and feedback negatively.

Tips to consider when choosing a Game App Development company

App Design Standards

Choose a company who consistently follow the latest trends in app development and the highest standards and industry-approved best practices for mobile app development.

Choosing Right Platform

Choose the platform for your game app which suits your budget as cross-platform application development and testing can add to the costs and being sure about a platform lends focus to the task.

Size of Company

Choose a medium sized company for the development efforts as they will have a mix of designers, artists and developers on their staff who can be dedicated specifically for your project development.

Company’s Reputation

Reviews and customer feedback about the company is a great way to judge their credibility and the reputation the company has gained in the gaming app development market.

Support Post Deployment

Ensure that the game development company also commits to providing technical and customer support after the game goes live to fix any game bugs and customer reported issues.