Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Companies

PPC Advertising Companies

Are you looking for the apt PPC Company to reach your firm to its peak level? Need not to stress yourself; we are available at any time to help you. Our professional team is ready to grasp your needs and process it accordingly. We have already evaluated nearly a hundred PPC Companies from the list and have literally examined myths & facts. We, the techies have the ability to enhance different levels of traffic and maintain each and everything in a consistent manner. Just have a view in the top-rated 30 enriched best PPC companies providing best services in a reliable manner.

Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 180Fusion 800.303.2648 2010 Los Angeles , CA 50 – 249
2 Hanapin Marketing 812.330.3134 2004 Bloomington, IN 50 – 249
3 JumpFly 833.200.3660 2012 Elgin, IL 10 – 49
4 ACRONYM 212.691.7051 1995 New York , NY 50 – 249
5 Digital Third Coast 773.904.2700 2007 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
6 Avalaunch Media 877.873.9298 2006 Lehi, UT 10 – 49
7 Anvil Media 503.595.6050 2000 Portland, OR 10 – 49
8 Mad Fish Digital 503.935.5222 2006 Portland, OR 10 – 49
9 White Shark Media 305.728.4704 2010 Miami, FL 50 – 249
10 Belo + Company 844.886.2252 1999 Dallas , TX 50 – 249
11 Linear Design 801.891.6777 2013 Sandy, UT 10 – 49
12 Local Management 561.346.9781 2006 Boca Raton, FL 10 – 49
13 Big Oak Studios 804.741.6776 2004 Richmond , VA 2 – 9
14 Soap Media 333.344.7778 2005 Preston, UK 10 – 49
15 Flyline Search Marketing 678.867.6810 2008 Alpharetta, GA 2 – 9
16 Bulldog Digital Media 170.231.5377 2013 Essex , UK 10 – 49
17 Wpromote 310.421.4844 2001 El Segundo, CA 250 – 999
18 VisionPoint Marketing 919.848.2018 2001 Raleigh, NC 2 – 9
19 Cardinal Digital Marketing 404.585.2096 2009 Atlanta , GA 10 – 49
20 Pole Position Marketing 330.768.7067 1998 Uniontown, OH 10 – 49
21 Sebo Marketing 801.227.7326 2005 Provo, UT 2 – 9
22 CPC Strategy 619.677.2453 2007 San Diego , CA 10 – 49
23 Disruptive Advertising 877.956.7510 2011 Lindon , UT 50 – 249
24 Full Media 770.534.2515 2008 Gainesville, GA 10 – 49
25 7strategy PPC Agency 888.231.3062 2001 Olathe, KS 10 – 49
26 Fuel Online 888.475.2552 1998 New York , NY 50 – 249
27 Dreamscape Marketing 800.571.8553 2005 Columbia, MD 10 – 49
28 Netvantage Marketing 877.204.0234 2008 East Lansing, MI 2 – 9
29 New Jupiter Media, Inc 855.912.7359 2005 Keyport , NJ 10 – 49
30 Leverage Marketing 512.265.1766 2006 Austin, TX 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing PPC Companies

The PPC model of advertising is open for many cases of abuse and frauds through click; even though Google has implemented many automated systems to protect the users against corrupt web developers and other competitors.


A top-level PPC always provides apt data regarding campaigns; ensure that there is 100% administrative ownership over the reliable account.

Google Certified

Check for the firm which is a Google certified one; their loop always consists of queries about the related terms of search & display advertising.

Contract Period

The firms who accept short term contracts exhibit true confidence as they offer the best services and make clients to extend the period.

Honest Reviews

Always remember to look for their reviews and testimonials from their concerned website or brochure before signing of any contracts.


Typically the expert team keeps up with ever-changing trends in overall paid search advertising service and also indulges more time to campaigns.

Better experience

A competent and professional PPC organization always has a proven track record; overall they should have a better experience to handle their clients.

Alighting pages

One should know about the overall process of how a firm is going to involve in the process of alighting pages. They play major roles in the creation of the quality score.

Types of Services

A peak level PPC Company integrates marketing services along with the other services too like conversion optimization; check if there is any direct contact with search engine & network.

Service Cost

Always prefer an organization that offers the best quality services at a lower cost. It is better to compare the different costs of various PPC organizations in the initial stage.

Detailed Keywords

Typically, a firm should adhere well to different industry standards while involving in the process of bidding keywords. Choosing of negative keywords automatically produces irrelevant leads.

Handing of Accounts

One should know all the details who are handling the accounts and whether it is safe or not because if any issue it leads to more complications in the future.

Seamless Communication

More than transparency, the organization should have seamless communication with their clients and discuss further the channel medium.

Provider details

Have a deeper knowledge about the details of the provider as they are going to deliver better results for Return on Investment.

Testing Period

Most of the professional PPC services take about three months of testing period and keep on updating about the progress of the campaign.

Customer Service

The support resources should be available 24/7 to solve the issues; it can be either of technical or non-technical one.


A well-defined recognition is the main indicator for a quality job and sign of appreciation for desirable results.

Security details

The details whatever we are providing to the firm should be secured and should not be leaked to third parties.

Persistent Reporting

A top-rated PPC firm keeps on updating on-time reports in each and every phase; minute details regarding reliable services are also generated.

Firm location

In order to keep further updating details from the PPC firm, it is better to detect the location in the beginning stage itself.

Innovative thinking

The resources of the PPC firm should have innovative thinking and should know recent trends & techniques in order to take a project to its next level.

Experienced resources

The professional team & techies should have been well experienced to handle any kind of situation in a reliable way.

Five basic things to check before hiring an PPC Company

Tracking Conversions

There should be an availability of tracking all the conversions like total turnover generated in order to measure the Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS).

Google Ads Account Ownership

It is better to make a confirmation that you own a Google Adwords account in order to collect data within the campaigns without losing advertising history.

Pricing Structure

Most of the firms have a term of minimum monthly requirements for total service offerings; approaching a professional audit will be always a better option.

Check for PPC Certifications

Initially, inspect for their basic qualifications subjected to digital marketing; the most important point is that the organization should own Google Ads certification.

Verify their Portfolio

Check for the company’s portfolio details; the records will speak out everything and you can grasp relevant data more than you expected.

Five PPC Myths that we should leave behind

Manage PPC on your own

Managing of PPC individually is literally difficult; hire someone to control your account and keep on updating with enhanced features to grow your traffic and profit.

Highly Expense

Pay per Click can be an expensive one but not all the time; defining of keywords in a unique manner is possible and one can adjust the bids according to the requirements.

No traffic at night

Generally, Analytical report shows more amount of traffic at night. Hourly conversion rates are also calculated. Here, consideration of different time zones is an important fact.

More Keywords=More Traffic

Target only for the most relevant keywords for PPC and do not dump more keywords, it would not generate qualified traffic.

No need to monitor

If you set the keywords, budget and leave the place; everything will be spoiled. Constant monitoring is always required for the overall involvement of tasks.