Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Best Reputation Management Companies

We understand the difficulty business owners face when finalizing on a company who can successfully partner with them to offer Online Reputation Management (ORM) services. We have painstakingly researched hundreds of companies around the world to bring you a list of the Top 20 companies who you should consult in order to rank your company and products among the best in your field. We compiled this list of top companies based on factual data related to various industry standards such as customer reviews, company portfolio, quality, pricing, customer service and range of services offered. Pick from any of these companies to grow your business today!

Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 RM Consultants 855.981.9542 2007 Irvine CA 10 – 49
2 Reputation X 800.889.4812 2005 Sausalito, CA 10 – 49
3 Reputation Rhino 888.975.3331 2011 New York, NY 1 – 22
4 Media Theory 917.355.0717 2008 Washington, DC 2 – 9
5 Leader Networks 617.484.0778 2006 Belmont, MA 1 – 32
6 iRISEmedia 888.750.4344 2010 Toronto, CA 10 – 49
7 Ranksharks 800.251.0043 2010 Los Angeles, CA 20 – 44
8 Concrete Blonde 646.853.3737 2016 New York City, NY 2 – 9
9 Spiral Cities Marketing 404.865.1566 2004 Decatur, GA 1 – 5
10 InternetReputation 888.997.5143 2010 Denver, CO 10 – 49
11 Yada Yada Marketing 800.920.1985 2007 Clearwater, FL 1 – 18
12 AGI Marketing 915.209.5381 1997 El Paso, TX 10 – 49
13 3Q Digital 650.539.4124 2007 San Francisco, CA 50 – 100
14 Whiteboard Creations 919.355.2126 2009 Apex, NC 2 – 9
15  Creative Thirst 201.220.6739 2000 Rochelle Park, NJ 1 – 27
16 Stillwater Media Group 718.350.6589 2003 New York, NY 2 – 9
17 Elixir Interactive 866.734.9650 2003 Scottsdale, AZ 1 – 10
18 Lovell Communications 615.297.7766 1988 Nashville, TN 10 – 49
19 Hydrogen Advertising 206.274.7810 2001 Seattle, WA 10 – 49
20 Mspire Group 908.369.9300 2009 Millstone, NJ 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing an ORM Company

The overall act of monitoring, influencing and managing the activities concerned about a business or a person online is known to be the reputation management.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials on the internet provide valuable insight into the business reputation and service quality of an ORM company.

Strong Portfolio

A strong portfolio showcase listing prior clients, services offered and real customer testimonials on the company’s website demonstrates key strengths.

Identifies Correct Target Audience

The ORM company should be well-experienced in building campaigns and strategies for your company based on your target demographic.

Social Media Expertise

Experienced in leveraging social media platforms to expand the exposure of your company and products in an organic manner.

SEO Best Practices

Good knowledge of implementing latest trends and techniques in SEO helps boost your business reach to prospective customers.

Business Directory Listings

Getting your business listed on top business directories like Bing or Yelp earn more leads and adds visibility to your online presence.

Review Management

Many ORM companies offer services for improving your company’s online reviews which go a long way in getting good online ratings.

Industry Specialists

It is beneficial to engage with firms that have specialists on board who cater to a variety of different industries and domains.

Public Relations Management

Choose a company with PR experience if your company often engages with the public for any promotions or issues.

Free Consultation

Engage a company who offers free personal or telephonic consultation to explain their products and services prior to signing a deal.

Content Creation

A successful campaign requires new and engaging content for success and your chosen company should be proficient at content creation.

Specific Campaign Strategies

All campaigns should be tailored to your specific domain and the company should prioritize this area right from the time of consultation to delivery.

In-house Solutions

Your campaign may require new brochures or videos and its good to hire a company who can create creative digital content in-house as part of their offering.

Third-party Website Monitoring

The company should constantly monitor other similar business sites and your company reviews online to manage any negative reviews or complaints.

Customer Service

The ORM company should have a strong service mindset and should be friendly and responsive to your queries and changes.

Avoid Blackhat Techniques

Don’t engage companies who use fake techniques like writing fake reviews to boost your business or create fake website content.

Spam Bots

Some companies use spam bots to target negative content and you should avoid companies who use such unethical methods.


Pricing is a crucial factor and you should ensure that the company has clear pricing details listed with no hidden fees or charges.

Customized Packages

The company you chose should have multiple packages with various added services to choose as requirements vary from company to company.

Business Transparency

Always enquire with the company about the strategy and techniques they will use to improve your business and attain goals.

Review Contract Terms

Carefully review the contract terms after signing up to ensure that you are not being charged for unnecessary sales materials and services.

Why Reputation Management is an essential part of your Online Marketing Strategy?

React to Customer Complaints

Proactive and effective response to customer complaints is a key aspect of reputation management. A nuanced response to criticism demonstrates that your company takes self-improvement seriously to prospective customers.

Boost Sales

Reputation management firms can boost sales by strategically promoting your services in the right channels and managing ratings/reviews as customers often go by these before a purchase.

To Increase Credibility

Reputation management strategies can improve customer relationships, overall product ratings and build trust for your brand in the market over time which leads to improved credibility for your company.

Respond to Negative Reviews

A good reputation management strategy can quickly turn a poor review or product rating to a positive one if addressed on time and improves your brands trustworthiness.

Helps in Recruitment

Establishing a positive presence online with reputation management attracts top talent to your organization. Prospective candidates research your companies reputation online prior to accepting a new position.

5 Helpful tips to choose the Right Reputation Management firm for your business

Beware of Black-Hat Techniques

Plenty of companies online use unethical methods like fake reviews, link farming and other techniques to boost your business online. These methods don’t work and will damage your reputation.

Transparent Process

Your ORM company should be transparent about the pricing, strategy, and the technology they will use to drive your business campaign and meet your goals.

Verify Case Studies

Research and verify any case studies shared as part of the reputation company’s portfolio to validate any tall claims pertaining to results.

Overall Company Experience

Choose a company with ample experience in their portfolio as they can formulate a strong strategy to grow your business based on previous proven experience in the field.

Explanation of the Strategy

Ask the company to explain the strategy and technology they use in detail to determine their expertise and strengths to meet your business goals.