Best Social Media Marketing Companies

Best Social Media Marketing Companies

Are you in a great thirst of searching the right Social Media Marketing Company? Our techies are available to help you based on your needs. It is a great challenging for our research team to provide absolute data. Still now, more than a hundred organizations have been examined and lists of data are collected. Just go through the 30 best social media marketing companies listed here. They provide the full-fledged reliable services to the customers. Be wiser enough to choose the correct one and pick it. Finally, move on with the process and not behind it.

Best Social Media Marketing Companies

S.No Company Name Phone Number Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 LYFE Marketing 404.596.7925 2011 Atlanta , GA 11 – 50
2 Straight North 844.218.6011 2008 Chicago, IL 50-250
3 The Creative Exchange 917.936.4110 2015 Brooklyn, NY 1 – 10
4 Firebelly Marketing 317.557.4460 2007 Indianapolis, IN 2 – 9
5 Ignite Visibility 619.752.1955 2012 San Diego, CA 11- 50
6 E29 Marketing 415.891.0400 2007 Suite F, Larkspur CA 10 – 49
7 Social Vantage 215.239.3039 2013 Newtown, PA 10 – 49
8 Speaking Socially Media 406.217.5656 2012 Great Falls , MT 2 – 10
9 SEO Image 888.434.1411 2003 New York, NY 1-10
10 Smarthinking 888.315.4056 2006 MIAMI, FL 10 – 49
11 Pursuit 212.355.9090 2008 New York, NY 10 – 49
12 Kobe Digital 310.734.4030 2016 Los Angeles, CA 10-50
13 The 88 212.219.9288 2010 New York, NY 11 -50
14 Thrive Marketing 866.434.4748 2005 Arlington, TX 50 – 100
15 1SEO IT & Digital Marketing 215.792.2243 2009 Bristol, PA 50 – 249
16 Perfect Search Media 877.655.8227 2010 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
17 SociallyIn 205.547.0514 2012 Birmingham , AL 11 – 50
18 Bull & Beard 888.996.2855 2000 Winston-Salem , NC 2 – 10
19 Directive Consulting 949.214.4024 2014 Irvine, CA 10-50
20 Smith Brothers Agency 412.359.7200 2002 Pittsburgh, PA 50 – 100
21 Project Bionic 206.686.8600 2009 Seattle , WA 11 – 50
22 DM Agency – Disartmedia 305.675.1991 1991 Hollywood, FL 10 – 49
23 Yulu Public Relations Inc 604.558.1656 2011 Vancouver, BC 2 – 9
24 Search Bloom 801.590.4051 2014 Holladay, UT 10-50
25 Vizion Interactive 888.484.9466 2005 Irving, TX 1 – 10
26 fishbat Media 855.558.6735 2011 New York, NY 10 – 49
27 Victorious Seo 415.621.9830 2012 San Francisco, CA 11 – 50
28 ON Digital 646.844.2676 2010 Bogotá , CO 11 – 50
29 Blanc & Otus 415.856.5100 1985 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
30 Webpage FX 215.839.6033 2006 Harrisburg, PA 100 – 250

Important factors you should consider before choosing a Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing is a way of marketing products of an individual company or an organization or their services using Social Media as a medium and attempting to reach a lot of users to make sales and revenue as well.

Services offered

Initially, it is important to check for the services offered by an agency and depending on the factor of promotional needs, one can go ahead accordingly.

Extensibility of Agency

It is always advisable to choose a larger agency as they provide the best quality services compared to that of a smaller agency.

Number of clients

Go through their website or brochure and view the existing, present client history, collect whole information before selecting a social media marketing agency.


Creativity is the basic pillar and it is calculated on the basis of several factors such s quality of personnel, experience, diversity, and specialization, etc.

Media Contacts

With the aid of reliable media contacts, an agency can integrate a desirable location, date, time for the further optimization of business.

Agency location

For a well-defined communication and for further contact with an agency, examine the exact location of the agency.

Payment options

Since different agencies charge different cost which is always bounded by the estimated budget it is better to compare the rates in the inaugural stage.

Involvement period

An agency should satisfy the client’s expectations, get feedback, produce monthly reports and work from time to time without any delay.

Ratification of Agency

A specific code of conduct should be followed in order to show their uniqueness in a reliable manner.

Agency Ranking

Typically, the agencies with top ranking are the most preferable one as they provide the best Return on Investment.

Technical support

Technical assistance should be always available so that in case of any issue it can be solved easily without any complication, stress-free too.

Experienced staffs

An agency should hold experienced resources to prove their best in all fields of work functionalities. It will automatically help to increase the customer’s beliefs.


Regular maintenance and updating information are essential criterions to show the responsibility of an agency

Marketing support

A well structured social media agency guides the customers in each and every phase especially in the sequence of marketing.

Top-level Certified

Pick an agency that holds a top-level certification in different roles of social media; it is a highly recommended one too.


The turn-over in terms of profit should be its peak; so give priority to this factor while opting for an agency.

Analytics Report

Decision-making report is an essential one while choosing the agency as it offers a deep analysis of information.

Team size

In a team, there should be well-defined resources and a critical resource too so that the work will be completed in a shorter interval of time.

Industry competence

Be wiser enough to choose the right one; give importance to the agency with good experience in the concerned field.

Check with contracts

Inspect the written agreement of details which include financial concern, timeline option, division of responsibilities including ownership, etc.

Involvement of Tasks

Plan everything in beforehand before entering into the process; here review budgets too along with a sketch of specific marketing needs.

What are the things you can expect in a Social Media Marketing campaign Report?

Email Marketing

The marketers can see a huge Return on Investment as it is possible with email marketing and recently emerged social networks are popping up too.

Content Marketing

Content is the basic pillar for a huge number of multi-million dollar businesses; services included are blog post generation, infographic creation, content analysis including social media promotion.

Video Creation & Marketing

In this digital era, there is a great turn over in terms of profit along with customer interaction by one and only means of video marketing.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s enhanced features along with a massive user base provide a virtual platform for an enterprise to attain a better ROI.

Google Ads Optimization

Good Ads is one of the best ways to reach your customers and enhance your business to the next level; always go ahead with the apt right ad auction.

Why Should you choose Social Media Marketing for your website?

Increase branding

Social media strategies help to optimize brand recognition and one can get indulged for an enterprise and start reliable networking too.

Grow Client satisfaction rate

Social media platforms help in the enhancement of overall unique brand image, valuing its customers and satisfying their expectations in a positive light.

Get targeted traffic

Having authorized access to a substantial portion of customers helps to increase traffic for fresh site content and it takes some time to get traction with a search engine.

To get more sales

Attractive and mind-blowing advertisements are practiced in a full-fledged way. Yes! We pay attention to get the attention of customers to an extreme level. .

Highly cost effective

We are more concern about price determination. Spending each and every penny with an effective plan makes us draw out desired outcomes.