Best Startup App Development Companies

Best Startup App Development company

đź’›We have exhaustively researched some of the best startup app development companies in the world and listed the Top 15 companies to give your startup the boost it needs.
đź’›Your app needs to be well-designed & powerful to impress your clients & grow your business.
đź’›The app should provide all the info. about your products/services & must align with your goals.
đź’›We prepared the list based on several factors like reviews, scalability, portfolio, experience, cost-effectiveness, Android/iOS platform support & customer service after app the deployment.

Top Startup App Development Companies

Rank Company Name Phone Website Email id Year Founded Location Employees
1 Blue Label Labs 207.890.5983 2009 New York, NY 50 – 249
2 Dev Technosys 415.992.5493 2010 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
3 SemiDot Infotech 303.325.3863 2010 Boulder, CO 10 – 49
4 Loginworks Softwares 434.608.0184 2006 Glen Allen, VA 50 – 249
5 The NineHertz 315.381.4100 2008 Cincinnati, OH 50 – 249
6 Mobiloitte Inc 800.416.8841 2004 Cambridge , MA 250 – 999
7 Commerce Pundit 678.444.2112 2009 Lawrenceville, GA 250 – 999
8 Mercury Development 917.470.1404 1999 Miami , FL 250 – 999
9 Glorium Technologies 888.354.0883 2010 New Jersey , NJ 10 – 49
10 Myriad Mobile 701.369.0633 2010 Fargo, ND 10 – 49
11 Five Pack Creative 972.377.0023 2008 Frisco, TX 50 – 249
12 AgileEngine 703.546.4247 2000 McLean, VA 50 – 249
13 Savvy Apps 866.531.7578 2009 Reston, VA 10 – 49
14 Waracle 138.252.9528 2004 Dundee, UK 50 – 249
15 Appetizer Mobile 212.613.1600 2009 New York, NY 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing a Startup App Development company

Users use a variety of devices with different specifications and platforms. For any startup, developing an application that is compatible across all the platforms will be highly beneficial.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

The company should have the Expertise & capability to do services like conceptualization, design, development & technical support.

Excellent UI/UX Design

UI/UX is a crucial element that keeps your visitors engaged. Choose a firm with substantial experience & certifications in UI/UX design.

Competitive Pricing

The packages and prices offered by the company should be reasonable and cover a host of standard services without hidden charges.

International Development Methodology

The company must adhere to globally accepted development models like Agile to build your app on time with a full focus on quality & usability.

Positive Customer Reviews

Check for reviews on various sites & social media to gauge the rating of a company. Good reviews & ratings indicate a trustworthy firm.

Superior Data Protection

The company should secure your client data by proactively using the best tools to prevent data breaches & hackers from accessing private info.

Rapid Prototyping

Based on your goals, the firm must develop a prototype with wireframes of the final app to test & recommend design and functionality changes.

On-time Delivery

Verify testimonials to determine if the firm has successfully delivered projects on time while maintaining the quality of development & testing.

Dedicated Requirement Analysis

The team must collaborate with you to clearly understand business goals, timelines, market trends & the right target audience for your app.

Usability Testing

Your user-centric app should be intuitive & fast. The company should test it continuously for responsiveness & ease of use for your audience.

Large Organization

Skilled designers, developers & testers add extra value. It will ensure that they kept high-quality during all phases of the development process.

Personalized Account Management

A dedicated manager should look after your app. It ensures that business goals are clearly understood & the project gets delivered on time.

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

The tech team should be skilled and ensure that any downtime, bugs, or errors in the app get addressed promptly without any downtime.

Easy to Communicate

The company should assist you via phone/chat/skype or e-mail and must be proactive in answering your queries anytime.

Quick Android/iOS Approval

If they develop your app using world-class development & testing tools, they will be error-free & get approved by the Android/iOS store

Regular Status Updates

The company must regularly update you about the progress of the app and getting your feedback on the development of the app.

Version Control

The company must enforce version control to track & manage changes in the app. It also lets you fall back to an older version if needed.

World-class Analytics

They should use the best analytics tools to provide you reports and insights about your apps performance, usage & the number of downloads.

Seamless API Integrations

The company should seamlessly integrate other API’s with your app so that other useful services can be made available to your users.

Impressive Project Portfolio

Check the company’s portfolio as it will help you to understand their business model & the list of clients they worked in the past.

Security and Confidentiality

They should safeguard your client data & they must not share any of this private data with third parties without your explicit permission.

5 Reasons why you need a Mobile app for your Startup

Audience Engagement

Your app is vital to engage with your customers. You can offer them productive and cost-effective solutions based on their location and user profile.

Product & Service Promotions

You can easily send out information about exciting new products and special offers as a push notification through your app to your customers to boost sales.

Increase ROI/Revenue

Engaging your audience using your app opens new channels for revenue flow and can significantly boost sales. You can use it effectively to promote your products and services.

Stand out from Competitors

You can use your app to interact with your prospective customers. It improves the image and credibility of your brand and makes your product stand out from the crowd & competitors.

Usage of Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to engage with your audience about new offers and features of the app. They should be relevant, and you should not use it in excess.

5 Things to know before choosing a Startup App Development Company

Strong Development Team

The company should have a highly experienced and technologically sound design and development team who are comfortable working on various platforms and technologies.

App Development Process

Ask the prospective company about their development methodology to ensure that they follow industry-standard methods like the Agile & six sigma development frameworks.

Size of the company

The larger the company, the better the quality and time spent on various aspects of development like design, testing, deployment, and customer support.

Maintenance & Support

Technical maintenance and support to fix issues or bugs after development is crucial to ensure that your customers have a hassle-free experience.

QA & App Testing Standards

The company should use the latest manual/automated QA and testing tools to ensure that the app is entirely bug-free.