Best Wearable App Developers


S.No Company Name Website Email id Phone Number Year Founded Location Employees Count
1 Robosoft Technologies 415.848.2354 1996 San Francisco, CA 250 – 999
2 Promatics Technologies 607.821.7766 2008 New York, NY 50 – 249
3 Makeen Technologies 877.496.3311 2017 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
4 Apptunix 415.670.9326 2013 Austin, TX 50 – 249
5 ONLINICO 404.465.3506 2015 Atlanta , GA 10 – 49
6 MoveoApps 619.822.2279 2014 San Diego, CA 10 – 49
7 Nettechnocrats IT Services Pvt. ltd 213.239.3936 2012 Miami, FL 50 – 249
8 Appscrip 415.813.5833 2011 Duluth, GA 50 – 249
9 Mobelux 804.767.7104 2008 Richmond , VA 10 – 49
10 Harley Oliver 416.538.3003 2008 Toronto, CA 2 – 9
11 Red Panthers 860.514.8237 2013 Buffalo, WY 10 – 49
12 iPhone Developer 708.539.9514 2008 Chicago, IL 50 – 249
13 Codabrasoft LLC 617.396.7330 2014 Boston, MA 10 – 49
14 Abstract Softweb 408.444.7918 2010 Santa Clara, CA 50 – 249
15 Finish Line Product development Services 603.880.8484 2004 Hudson, NH 10 – 49

Technology is developing ahead with various optimum benefits, where wearable technology is a new instance in which it is accomplished for valuable applications and also for entertainment that gives more advantages for the people in a handy way. In the present market, the wearable devices are playing an important role and its total revenue has already crossed billions. It provides a great opportunity for both entrepreneurs and businesses.

The wearable apps are nothing but the integral driver of the wearable tech market. They carry out the functions with more creativity and uniqueness. The Wearable is the enhanced developing class of several devices which are aimed to bring more mobility and also the live access to the data.

It has a greater capacity to move freely throughout the world and also to extend themselves in a list of unique ways. Yes, no doubt these devices have changed our lives completely and the portable technology has reached new heights.

The devices with the sensors are designed in such a manner that the algorithm works in the tandem and the outcome can be seen directly on the mobile screen. The wearable app developers work creatively to produce a better result. One of the most important features of Beacon Technology is that tracking can be done efficiently and it is also a recent trend in the whole scheme of the Android App Development.

What do you mean by Wearable Technology?

The wearable Technology is one of the major divisions of the technology devices which is worn by the user either as an accessory or a part of the other material. These ones are directly connected to the internet or through the Smart phones just by exchanging the data between the network and the device. The wearable apps are more or less similar to that of the regular apps which are used in both of the Smart phones and Tablets.

Generally, these apps have a direct access to the device hardware such as the sensors and receivers etc. Overall they collect the data from the concerned hardware in order to provide the desired output. The output will be displayed through the device itself. In case if the device uses the mobile app for several compatible functions, then the iOS App developers or Android App developers are needed. On the other side of the flip, it is the cross-platform compatibility than for sure the Xamarin Developers is the best opinion.