Best Web Design companies

Web Design Companies Rankings

A good web design company that meets all your design and hosting requirements is hard to find. A good web design company boosts your online presence and brings your brand into the spotlight for a larger global audience. We have done all the hard work for you and listed the Top-50 Web Design companies from across the globe. We evaluated hundreds of companies based on several key factors like customer reviews, industry experience, company portfolio, creativity and competitive pricing to come up with this comprehensive list to help you select the best Web Design Company for your design, development and web hosting needs.

Best Web Design Companies

S.NO Company Name Phone Number Website Email Id Year Founded Location Employees Count
1 The Creative Momentum 678.648.1445 2012 Roswell, GA 10 – 49
2 Jordan Crown 425.268.2718 2006 Everett, WA 10 – 49
3 Blue Fountain Media 212.260.1978 2003 New York, NY 50 – 249
4 Ruckus 646.564.3880 2005 New York, NY 10 – 49
5 EIGHT25MEDIA 408.728.9555 2011 Fremont, CA 50 – 249
6 Lounge Lizard 646.661.7828 1998 New York, NY 10 – 49
7 Xtreem Solution 215.789.9711 2008 Philadelphia. PA 50 – 249
8 UPQODE 813.990.0818 2015 Petersburg, FL 10 – 49
9 Amazing7 Studios 800.867.3168 2013 Tarpon Springs, FL 50 – 249
10 Dev Technosys 415.992.5493 2010 San Francisco, CA 50 – 249
11 Pure Imagination 630.406.7990 2000 Batavia, IL 10 – 49
12 Clikzy Creative 202.804.2475 2004 Washington, DC 2 – 9
13 Nvisage Virtual Techonics 0.845.094.3331 1998 Hove, BN3 3WF, UK 2 – 9
14 Odyssey New Media 0.121.439.5450 2010 West Midlands B29 6SN, UK 2 – 9
15 Octal IT Solution 817.717.1793 2007 Sarasota , Fl 50 – 249
16 metajive 760.274.6882 2005 Carlsbad, CA 10 – 49
17 Web Designer Express Corp 305.386.9003 2008 Miami, FL 10 – 49
18 Brown Owl Creative 44800.999.6164 2012 Stansted, UK 2 – 9
19 Mercury Development 305-767-2434 1999 Stuart, FL 250 – 999
20 Sugar Rush Creative 0.203.745.8050 2003 London, UK 10 – 49
21 Adage Technologies 312.258.1200 2001 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
22 Logistic InfoTech Pvt. Ltd 404.956.5754 2010 Brookhaven, GA 50 – 249
23 Lucid Crew Web Design 512.853.9693 1999 Charlotte NC 10 – 49
24 CreativeScript Web Design 0.247.745.6698 2011 Nuneaton, UK N/A
25 JVM Design 541.677.7440 1995 Roseburg, OR 2 – 9
26 70plus2 creative design 908.410.3441 2008 Chester, NJ 10 – 49
27 Auxano Global Services 209.348.9807 2011 Charleston , SC 50 – 249
28 Parachute Design Group Inc 416.901.8633 2003 Toronto, Canada 2 – 9
29 Harlo Agency 503.517-8074 2004 Portland, OR 10 – 49
30 61 Design Street 988.800.0899 2007 Lyndhurst, NJ 1 – 19
31 efelle creative 206.384.4909 2005 Seattle, WA 10 – 49
32 NeboWeb 877.825.0873 2004 Atlanta, GA 20 – 50
33 ClerksWell +44207.689.8800 1996 London, UK 50 – 249
34 Innotical Solutions 415.688.9103 2012 San Francisco, Ca 50 – 249
35 Kinex Media 647.496.6061 2008 Toronto, ON 10 – 49
36 Daddy Design 888.987.1961 2004 Fort Lauderdale, FL 1 – 15
37 Neptik +44127.369.3 762 2014 Brighton, UK 2 – 9
38 Search Marketing Group 888.748.1660 2009 New Jersey , NJ 10 – 49
39 WDG – Web Development Group 703.652.8438 2004 Washington DC 10 – 49
40 Cazarin Interactive 763.420.9992 1998 Maple Grove, MN 1 – 26
41 Digital Deployment 916.238.1800 2004 Sacramento, CA 10 – 49
42 380 Web Designs 972.546.3740 2016 Prosper, TX 10 – 34
43 Reed Dynamic 734.535.8954 2010 Whitmore Lake , MI 2 – 9
44 Genesis Web Designs 866.642.7164 2001 Greenville, SC 1 – 10
45 Finsbury Media +44148.3608.859 2014 Surrey, UK 10 – 49
46 Wolony Digital Marketing Agency 201.234.2279 2013 Bergen , NJ 2 – 9
47 M16 Marketing 404.919.6288 2013 Atlanta, GA 10 – 49
48 ESolz Technologies 919.638.5270 2003 Pleasant Hill CA 1- 23
49 Red Spot Design 214.432.1608 2001 Dallas, TX 2 – 9
50 Gravity Switch 413.586.9596 1996 Northampton , MA 10 – 49

Important factors you should consider before choosing a Web Design company

Web Design or Web Designing incorporates a lot of disciplines and different skills in the maintenance as well as the development of the websites. The different areas of web designing include web graphic design, interface designing, proprietary software applications, authoring that is including standardized code, user experience design along with search engine optimization.

Services Offered

Select a web design company that offers multiple services like design, hosting, maintenance, and support under the same package.

Previous Websites

Look at the quality, content, and responsiveness of any of the company’s previous websites listed on their portfolio to determine their strengths.

Development Team

Meet and talk with the development team who will work on your website to make sure that they are experienced and professional.

Requirement Analysis

Meet with the company and analyze the number of pages and content your site will require based on your business goals.

Transparent Pricing

The pricing plans for the website design and development should be transparent and should not include any extra or hidden charges.

Website Design Layout

Check if the site will be designed to your specifications or if the company is using pre-made templates already available with them.

Mobile Device Compatibility

The site designed by the web design company should look good and be responsive on different mobile devices.

SEO for the site

Check if the pricing also includes value added services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will rank your site in Google’s search results.

E-Commerce Services

If you sell products on your site, you may need a secure e-commerce payment gateway. Check if the company also offers this service.

Domain Name Registration

If you are opting for a new website, check if the web design company also includes domain name registration and renewal.

Website Security

Ask the web design company about security safeguards and technologies in place to prevent attacks and security breaches on your website.

Time for Completion

Timelines for completion of your company website should be realistic and align closely with your business timelines and roadmaps.

Content Management Systems

The web design company should have experience with content management systems to easily allow changes and content updates to be made to the website.

Time Taken for Analysis

The web design company should take less time to analyze your design and development requirements and come up with a strong strategy quickly.

Images in the Site

The web design company should have an extensive set of legal stock images they can use for making your website attractive without extra charge.

Web Hosting

Always find out if your website will be hosted on the servers of the web design company or on an external server.

Website Traffic Analytics

The web design company should provide your regular reports on website traffic and other usage data to increase visitor traffic.

Data Confidentiality

It is imperative that the web design company does not store or share your company and customers private data with third parties without your permission.

Website Scalability

Always hire a company who will be able to easily and effortlessly scale your website to meet your growing business needs and infrastructure.

Customer Service

The company must be quick to respond to any grievances about the site and respond to these in a timely and professional manner.

Questions to ask when choosing a Web Design Agency

Custom Design/Templates?

A company that designs web layouts specifically for your brand keeping your branding guidelines is mind is preferred over companies who use ready made templates that may not be customizable.

Industry Experience

Ask if the company has made websites for companies that offer similar products as you. Evaluate your business’s specific requirements by looking at their previous website projects.

Page Speed Optimization

The web design company should be proficient with page speed optimization and other industry-recommended SEO techniques which helps rank your website higher than your competitors and delivers quality content.

Mobile-Device Compatibility

Your users may view your website on a mobile device. It’s important that your website appears clean, responsive and uncluttered on mobile devices of various dimensions and resolutions.

Hosting and Maintenance

Your website will need regular housekeeping, constant security and SEO updates and hosting support from your agency. Ensure that this support is also covered in your service and maintenance contract.

5 Critical mistakes to avoid when choosing the Web Design Company

Lack of CMS Experience

Companies with Content Management Systems (CMS) experience can make updates and changes to your site’s existing content or grant someone on your team access without charging an additional fee.

Overpaying for Design

Website design must be part of your web development package and you should not have to pay an additional fee just to design the website.

Avoid Hiring Family or Friends

This may be cheaper but hiring family or friends to build your website could compromise on important aspects like design quality, testing, and maintenance.

Unverified Credentials

Perform thorough background checks on credentials like address, telephone number, official registration and reviews of the company to secure your investment from fraudulent companies.

Use of Latest Technology

Verify that the company is working on the latest web-design and technology tools in the market to prevent issues with outdated technology.